Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What's Going On?

Ok. I am ready for something funny or amusing to happen. I am drawing a "post blank" at this time. I think it comes from trying to be witty when I leave comments... by the time I am done reading the blogs that I link to and leaving some sort of remarkable comment, I am drained.

I have tried posting some really great photos and some not so great photos, but for some reason, I am having no luck. The sheep picture I posted was pure luck... I still am not sure how I got it where it is. My brain must be melting... sort of like the wicked witch in The wizard of Oz when Dorothy accidentally throws water on her... Help! I'm melting! I must be thinking too much about the heat... and it is not even that hot yet. Sigh.

Maybe it is the time change. Maybe it is because I ate 2 bananas today, and I almost never eat any bananas. Maybe it is because I cleaned my desk off at work and no longer have amusing clutter to play with. Maybe my life is too sane. Maybe I should go to bed early tonight and wake up with the sunrise, step out into the morning dew (oops, I guess I should get dressed first), go to work early, and come home in the afternoon and see if that shakes the cobwebs loose.

I think I need to go buy some wickedly gaudy capris pants to wear on the cruise. Yup. That should do it.


L said...

you should post some stories about when you were growing up :)

Rhodent said...

I grew up?

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

So I am setting here wondering why I can't my pictures on, reading your post, and eating a banana. I threw half of it away!

Rhodent said...

ROFL! Hopefully you will not be too impaired!