Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Figured Out The Problem

Rats! No comments? Well, thanks to Cliff Morrow and Possum, I was alerted to the fact that readers were not being able to leave comments on my last two posts. It took me a few minutes to figure it out but you should now be able to leave comments on my posts again! Evidently I have to mark a setting with for each post to allow comments. It used to be that the general settings covered such things... not anymore. I suppose there is some logical reason for the change, but I have yet to discover it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I May Never Get Out Of Bed Again!

Yup, I definitely love the new bed. I borrowed the foot stool from the family room to make it easier to into the bed, so that has helped a lot. Both of the cats seem to agree with me since both of them have spent most of the last few days on the bed. Koko prefers being on top of the layers of pillows and pillow shams... sort of the "Prince and the pea" Siamese cat.

In case you think that I am exagerrating about the height of the bed, just look at where the top of the night stand is in comparison to the top of the bed. But it's what I wanted, and the price was right so I am a happy camper!

Only 4 1/2 days until I leave for vacation! I guess I'll get out of bed for that! <:8 )~

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Smoke Got In My Eyes...

but I still managed to sell some things on Ebay, buy some things on Etsy.com, work, take some computer training for some new software at work, and do some improvements on the house. The fires in Georgia and Florida have been pretty bad this year. We had one very bad day where the smoke was so this you couldn't see much more that 25 yards away. A week ago yesterday I had a layer of ash on my car. Most of that was from the fires in northern Florida and southern Georgia. Pinellas county where I live was especially bad due to the wind patterns bringing the smoke to us. Last night and this morning there was a bit of hazy smoke, but it wasn't very bad. Maybe I am just getting used to the smell of smoke.

The day lilies that I planted have sent up bloom stalks and should be blooming in a day or so. I hope that means no more trips to the chiropractor. I am planning a short vacation trip to Texas and don't want anything to interfere with my having a great time!

I found a great place for upscale used furniture on consignment in Tampa called The Missing Piece. I bought a set of table and chairs for Allison and a Rice bed for myself. I figured it was time to give up sleeping on a blow-up bed. Since I bought a bed, that meant that I needed to buy a mattress and box springs for the bed. Now I find that I need a step stool to get into the bed since the mattress level is so high. Actually, I love it that way! And where did I find a step stool? Well, on Ebay, of course! Next, I will get some of the furniture that I have in storage and don't want to keep and see if I can sell it through The Missing Piece.

I am still trying to get some things sold on Ebay, but, like I said before, it gets very time-consuming. I have missed keeping up with my favorite bloggers and reading comments on my non-existent posts. I am not sure how soon things will settle down for me. The house has still not sold, although a family that looked at it on Thursday came back today for another look. I figure that is a good sign. I have mixed feelings about it selling, of course, but at least I should be able to enjoy the pool for part of then summer. Who knows what will happen?

I will try to post again soon... I need to get back into the habit!