Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Figured Out The Problem

Rats! No comments? Well, thanks to Cliff Morrow and Possum, I was alerted to the fact that readers were not being able to leave comments on my last two posts. It took me a few minutes to figure it out but you should now be able to leave comments on my posts again! Evidently I have to mark a setting with for each post to allow comments. It used to be that the general settings covered such things... not anymore. I suppose there is some logical reason for the change, but I have yet to discover it.


Ron Southern said...

From general observation in the Blogger Help Group, the comment problem appears to be a side effect of the new screwed-up Auto Save. It hasn't done it to me yet, but I've read about it. If the Auto Save acts the least bit weird, be careful to make your own Saves of the post. You know, Copy and Paste!

Rachel said...

I think ron southern is right. My last post had no comments allowed until I read where someone had posted on my previous post saying it wouldn't allow comments. Then I went back and changed it.

You bed is HIGH! Better not fall out of bed. It'll be a good drop to the floor!

Love your cat. My great niece has one that looks just like that! Those Siamese cats have the strangest meows! It's like they are trying to talk and they are so loud! Pretty though! I love to watch them play!

Cliff Morrow said...

As I said in the email. No drinking and sleeping in a bed that high. I'm glad you got her fixed.

frustrated writer said...

Hmm, don't have that problem on wordpress... ha!

Jim said...

Hi Rhodent -- We're back, as you can see, early too. But I'm not in as good shape as when we left. Check my blog for that.
I only posted once since getting back and did have that problem. I auto and manually saved, both.
Check your settings again too.

We went through part of Georgia and all the way through Alabama last week.
You sure are stinking up almost the whole South with those fires. Maybe you guys should extinguish them for a while?