Saturday, April 30, 2005

It's Limerick Time Again

I came across these limericks that I had done after our kayaking trip in February. Although they are not timely, I thought they were still worth posting. I had actually posted a version of one of them before, but these are the complete set. (Sorry, I can't help myself)

Who is that lady named "L"
I am sure that you know her quite well
Her tales you'll adore
And be asking for more
There's no end to the stories she'll tell


Saturday L and her kin went kayaking
Even though her cough was quite hacking
She paddled to see
The birds in the trees
But alas they seemed to be lacking

L was bored as could be with kayacking
Entertainment just seemed to be lacking
She paddled some more
To get back to shore
She needed to find some good snacking

When everyone got back to the shore
Little L could take it no more
She looked quite a sight
And wanted a bite
But there was nothing more there than before

She had taken all that she ought
Much more than ever she thought
To her great delight
Strawberries came into sight
That thankfully her brother had bought

A smile on her face she now wore
Her brother she would always adore
She straightened her hair
Saw strawberries were there
And ate til she could eat no more



blue2go said...

Those are cute! Yummmm strawberries...

L said...

ha ha ha! now I want BERRIES!!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...


frustratedwriter said...

like the limericks...and strawberries would be nice about now...covered in cream.

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Rurality said...

You are the limerick queen! :)