Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This is some of the normal stash of stuff that Himself leaves by the front door. Sometimes it is a little better, and sometimes it is much worse. Posted by Hello

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Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Oh it there must be a male gene for dropping stuff by the front door. We have a tiny foyer, a split foyer, so he often expands 1/2 a flight up to storing stuff by the rail for the stairs that is seen directly as one walks in. I grew up in an often cluttered home, but my parents usually kept the entry area and livingroom presentable. I wish I had pics of how much worse our area became when I put my foot down and refused to allow anymore boxes or *anything at all* into my studio!

He couldn't or wouldn't even try to find an out of the way place for household items (like for repair or gifts). It was up to me to visualize a storage or temporary spot, and then convince him (oy!!) that he *would* be able to walk around it, etc. He loves to say it's in *his!* way! Sorry for overtaking your blog. I can relate bigtime! Will just read from now on and have much shorter comments. (My editor is on vacation...)