Friday, April 22, 2005


Boy has this been a long drawn-out endeavor! It's Friday night, I am home alone, and I am working on the last of the sorting of things to go back into the closet. The family room is still a major work zone, but I hope that by the time I go to bed tonight it will be all cleaned up. I have accumulated several more large bags of garbage from the closet to go out on Monday morning for pick-up. I have a large container of things to give away. Right now I am feeling pretty cocky about what will soon be the finished product.

I am sure that everyone is as tired of hearing about my closet as I am of working on it! Judging by the decline in readership of this blog, I think that it is evident. Unfortunately, this was only the first of several major projects for me. If you continue to visit this blog you will have more cleaning posts to read. I hope you will continue to visit me here. Your comments have helped to spur me on when I needed a bit more umph. I will post pictures of the completed project as well as the next project's "before" pictures sometime next week. It will probably be the middle bedroom or the utility/laundry room...

Spring has sprung. I am sneezing. It is beatiful outside. This is the best time of year! Tomorrow, I intend to take some time to enjoy being outside! I have seen enough of the inside of my closet and the safe that is across from my desk at work. It is really hard to sit inside at work with no window to even see the flowers and birds, much less get outside and enjoy them. My youngest offspring, Allybrat, will be home for several hours tomorrow. We are going to get our hair cut, and then I will take her back to school in Tampa. She has 2 1/2 weeks left of school, and then she will be home for the summer.


happyandblue2 said...

Woohoo. I love the cleaning posts. Sorry I've been absent for the last few days but I was hurt. I will read all the latest exploits on cleaning from now on..

frustratedwriter said...

cleaning conquests are always interesting and if you were in Texas I would have a suggestion where to make your drop off of unwanted items...alas, you're not.

So a little encouragement from a faithful reader.

A philosopher wrote "Simplify!"
Rhodent agreed with her reply,
"My clutter is a bane
Makes me totally insane."
And kissed the extras goodbye!

Clean on, oh persistent one.

dbdoberman said...

I wish somebody would come and clean for me. You are my inspiration, Rhondent, and darn it, I am gonna tackle that garage soon!