Monday, April 11, 2005

OK! I Have Made A List of Some AML's That I Will Be Working On... I will keep you posted on my progress

I have decided that I need to confirm the fact that I am capable of being a diligent housekeeper. I am going to publish a list below of some relatively major household chores to be done by me in the next month (not in any particular order). Now that I can post pictures, maybe I will take some before and after pictures. As far as the ADLs go, I may put in some notations about them with any pictures. In case you think that this will be boring, I will try to entertain you with some snappy remarks.

Master bedroom closet- this project is underway and needs to be finished up
Dining Room table-pack up dishes and remove hubby's stash of boxes etc.
Bathroom tile-yes it's time to do the evil grout again
Middle bedroom-this has been used as a storage area, it's time to get rid of the excess
Hall closet-this is used to store hurricane supplies in season and some holiday decorations. Hurricane season begins in June so this closet needs to be organized and restocked
Laundry/Utility room-this will have to be a joint effort with himself because he has most of the space taken up with his tools and supplies. I will do what I can.

This could really be a lot of fun. I think I should take some "before" pictures of everything before I get started! And I will feel that I have accomplished something when I am done and can post the "after" picture. Maybe I will post some before pictures for Himself to remind him of some of HIS messes that need to be addressed. I will try to be gentle ;o)

I won't overwhelm you with a bunch of pictures all at once but will post them as I get to that project. Putting it all in print will keep me honest and add extra incentive to finish each project! Gee! Doesn't this sound exciting?!?


dbdoberman said...

I think it would be interesting, and now you are committed to getting it done. I cannot wait to see his messes, lol.

L said...

yeah, those remarks had better be snappy!


you should TOTALLY post a photo of the office!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I don't even want to THINK about my own master bedroom closet...YIKES!

And we still have a bunch of hurricane supplies sitting in a box in the corner of our kitchen. I thought about putting everything away about a month ago but thought "Why bother??? Sounds like we'll just have to get them back our in a month or so anyway!"

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Bravo 4U! I would be too embarrassed. Some of his messy areas are beyond the scope that human eyes should see. We used to jive on cleanliness levels when our kids were tots. Sigh. Good luck!