Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'll Post More Tonight, But For Now...

Himself came home last night. This morning he has been like a tornado through the house. He had his corner of the kitchen cleaned up before I was even out of bed! You can see it for yourself in the picture below!

I have also seen some things coming out of his office. Things in the utility/laundry room are starting to look better... I was even able to take the garbage out through the side door... there were no piles in front of it! He'll probably have half of his things ship-shape, and I will still be working on my closet!

I'll post more about all this tonight!


Fizzy said...

thatwas my aim for today --- it didn't happen . Another day gone and the list gets longer.

dbdoberman said...

wow, what a difference! way to go :)