Saturday, April 23, 2005

50 Of The Things That Irritate Me

I got this Idea from Frustrated Writer at .
His list was great reading! Like me he is evidently a laid back kind of person, but also, on occasion, PO'd about something in his life. People sometimes ask me if I ever get angry. Yes! Absolutely! So here is a list of some of the things that irritate, aggravate, frustrate, and anger me.

  1. Arrogant people
  2. Blog posts that disappear
  3. Being in the middle of filing papers at work and dropping the stack that I've just sorted and put in order
  4. Discovering that we've run out of toilet paper just after the store has closed
  5. Getting to work and finding out that I've left my set of office keys at home
  6. Locking my keys in my office when the Parish Manager is gone and has the only other set of keys that unlocks my door
  7. The bug man showing up late and making me later for work
  8. Having my lunch disappear from the refrigerator at work... or partially eaten by someone
  9. People who do not turn their payroll time sheets in on time
  10. Staff who pace back and forth in front of my office to see if I've finished payroll yet
  11. Being at home alone on a Friday or Saturday night with nothing good on the regular TV stations and the cable movie channels not working
  12. Copiers that break down on Fridays when I have things to copy before the weekend
  13. Telemarketers calling at mealtime or on the weekend
  14. Telemarketers
  15. People who leave their children and/or pets in a hot car in Florida in the summer for any length of time!
  16. Cats that sit on your face early in the morning while waiting for you to get up to feed them
  17. Power outages in the middle of trying to watch something on TV, dry clothes in the dryer, bake something in the oven, or dry my hair
  18. Power outages that happen on a daily basis during the summer and constantly reset all of the digital clocks in the house
  19. Bottom sheets that pop off the mattress in the middle of the night
  20. Someone flushing a toilet or running a hose while I'm taking a shower
  21. Getting home to find that someone has taken the last Coke in the refrigerator that I have been thinking about all the way home
  22. Drivers that tailgate
  23. Smokers who stand in front of an entryway to a building so that anyone going in or out is forced to breathe their smoke
  24. People who will not try anything new because they tried it 20 years ago and it didn't work then
  25. Child pornographers, sex offenders, etc.
  26. People who finish a sentence for me...especially when it is not what I was going to say
  27. People who are "Holier Than Thou"
  28. People who cannot tolerate anyone having an opinion different from their own without considering the other person stupid
  29. Corrupt politicians (which is most of them)
  30. People who are greedy
  31. People who will not give to charity and complain about how hard their life is and that they might have to sell their second house, or sell their third car, or miss their annual trip to Europe, or etc.
  32. Sitting in a chair full of white cat or dog fur when I have black pants on to go out
  33. Not being able to find one of the eight pairs of scissors we have in our house when I need to cut something or the scotch tape when I need it
  34. Newspapers all over the table and floor
  35. Cockroaches parading into the house through the sliding glasss doors when it rains hard in the summer
  36. Smelly cat litter boxes
  37. Windows I can't open
  38. Bad apples
  39. Coconut on cake, or on or in cookies, or in the chocolate candy I have just popped into my mouth from the box of assorted chocolates
  40. People who still smell like garlic in the morning from eating it the day before
  41. People who lecture me about what I should be doing when they need to take care of their own business
  42. People who complain too much
  43. People who monopolize conversations
  44. Having to prepare for three or four hurricanes in one month
  45. Waking up at 4:00 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep on a Saturday morning
  46. People who knowingly abuse the environment
  47. Standing in line in the grocery store behind someone who spends ten minutes or more producing coupon after coupon, half of which are expired
  48. People who lack compassion for the unfortunate
  49. People who treat children as their posessions
  50. Not being able to figure something out

Hmm. I seem to be a very irritated, aggravated, frustrated, angry person. I guess I need to lighten up a bit...especially since I could have gone on and on! ;o)


frustratedwriter said...

Feels good doesn't it? Nothing like listing your aggravations to get a little relief. Enjoyed the list!

Frally said...

Glad you got that off your chest! I agree with most of those things, even though I'm an arrogant person who complains a lot and monopolizes conversations. ;)

dbdoberman said...

great list, Rhondent, and I saw many of my aggravations listed here.

Try this for the lunch thief. Take for yourself a brown bag lunch needing no refrigeration, take something for the thief laced with exlax, lol

blue2go said...

What a great idea to list these! And most would be on my list, too. That's why I bring a peanutbutter sandwich and an apple for lunch every day, in fact!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Great post - excellent list. I could relate to all of them except the hurricane one. So I replaced it by adding to the coupon one - people who stand there looking for those store membership cards. They always do it at the last minute.

Cliff Morrow said...

Rhodent. I read your list and now I'm mad.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Superb idea of frustrated writer! It's a good one suggested for clearing the mind/airing it out. I may borrow the idea sometime and credit it back to both of you.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Good list!

And I think DB has a wonderful (but wicked!) idea about that lunch stealer!!! :)

Adrienne said...

could I just ditto your list? You've hit the nail on the head.

Violet said...

Definitely agree with your inclusion of tailgaters and smokers who linger anywhere near other people.

I would add:
-people who walk really slowly in front of me, taking up the whole footpath
-people in a crowd who see a big gap over the top of my head, assume there's a space where my body actually is, and then walk into me
-losing any document which I've been working on for ages and didn't save in time
-waiting for tradesmen/delivery men who say they'll turn up at a particular time and don't