Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A New Pope

We now have a new Pope. It was exciting to watch in anticipation of who would be stepping out onto the balcony in Rome. There was some hesitation by some of the staff of the chosen cardinal. I figure that God is in control... if this wasn't the right choice then it will soon be rectified. At age 78, Pope Benedict XVI will not have a long reign. Maybe he will surprise those who think he will be too conservative. He IS a very intelligent man. Pope John Paul II is a hard act to follow. I am curious what the days ahead will bring. I hope the Catholic Church has been blessed. We will soon know.


dbdoberman said...

I haven't liked what I have read about him much, but you are right, he may surprise everyone. I hope the good Lord had his hand in this, but the Vatican plays vicious politics. John Paul was so great, it will be hard not to compare.

Cliff Morrow said...

He will certainly face a world full of people trying to make him 'dummy down' what the church has always stood for. It will take a strong person not to break when the evil winds are blowing as hard has they are. People who are right (correct, doing the right thing) are ALWAYS unpopular. This Baptist approves.