Monday, June 13, 2005


It is so hot amd muggy outside right now that the airconditioning is running full blast and I am sitting at the computer sweating away. My freshly washed and dried hair is getting wet on the back of my neck. It is around 7:30 AM. Ugh. I guess it is summer in Florida again.


Rainypete said...

That's OK. Up here in the so-called Great White North it's a sweltering 30C (85F)

Air conditioners ice up, ice cream sells out and people run to theri cars to get to the air conditioning before they incinerate.

I watched two poor old folks burst into flames getting to their mailboxes.

frustratedwriter said...

Isn't the heat great! I love the sweltering humidity of Texas in the summer! You can sweat in a shower down here so I feel your pain, rho... the cruise will at least provide you with some nice sea breezes.

L said...

yeah, I'm sweating buckets here

happyandblue2 said...

It's actually great weather here. Not too hot not too cold. Ahhhh.
Besides you'll be on a cruise soon so I have no sympathy..