Sunday, June 05, 2005

11 Days And Counting Until I'm Free Of The Cage!

Soon, no cage will contain me. Soon I will be floating. There are only 11 days left until I leave on the cruise! I am sssoooo excited that it is hard to concentrate on what I have to get done before I leave! I need to get more batteries ready for my camera. I need to be caught up on my filing at work. I need to get my clothes ready. I need to do a dance or two each day!

It almost doesn't matter to me that the ship will dock in Mexico for a day. I am just looking forward to having fun and not worrying about work, laundry, fixing meals, etc., etc., etc.! This is probably the first vacation that I have ever had where I will really be free to relax and have fun. No little kids to worry about, no meetings to go to, no command performances of any kind! And I will have lots of fun people to do things with when the spirit moves us.

I have wanted to go on a cruise for years. Himself wants no part of them. Too bad for him. This is a dream come true for me, and I am already thinking ahead to where my next cruise will go and when. WooHoo!


L said...

have fun have fun have fun! and don't forget to write many blog posts about it! shall we give you a rollicking send-off dinner?

Fizzy said...

Have a lovely time I am excited for you and a little jealous I would love to go on a cruise.

blue2go said...

Not too much longer to wait! That sounds so fun, I've never been on a cruise. Hope you have a really good time on it and later, tell us all about it!

frustratedwriter said...

I hope the seas are calm, the food yummy, and the fun out of this world! I have always wanted to go on a cruise too...maybe one of these days. Can't wait for the posts that will follow the adventure!

jpr said...

Wait a second...Im confused. Where is your cruise going again?

Can't wait to hear about the fun. If you find that you aren't having fun, give me a call...its my specialty (actually we should make this apply to non-cruising Rhodent as well).

Oh, I finally left a comment about why my blog is called lemming fodder and explaining the pig pic.

Adrienne said...

Everyone is going on awesome vacations! Well, only two of you so far but right now that equals everyone to me!

I've always wanted to go on a cruise too!

Where are you going?


Cliff Morrow said...

Rhodent, I read the blog everyday but for some reason your blog makes my computer act like I feel. Very, v e r y slooooooooow.
Today I think I'm able to leave a comment so will.
1. have a great time yourself without himself.
2. I wanted to have a discusssion about the rules of propriety with you. Namely my readership dwindled away to nothing when you started putting pretty girls in two piece swimwear on you blog.
I can just see people looking at me standing by the back of my pickup when a huge, uncontrolled yawn cuts loose.
Have a great tiem.

Rhodent said...

"L" -- A send off dinner would be great! I leave on the 16th... you better be better by then! Are you coming on my next cruise?

"JPR" -- I know that I can always count on you for a fun time! I wonder if they have electronic dart games on cruise ships? I think that My children need to join me on my NEXT cruise... I'm ready to book it now. Where do you want to go? That would truly be a fun party!

Fizzy, blue2go,Frustratedwriter, & Adrienne -- I think that we should plan a "bloggers cruise" sometime... that is if we could all leave our computers for the duration and stand the withdrawals!

Cliff -- I can't promise to refrain from posting pretty girls in bikinis on my blog... youngest daughter lives in them when she is not at work. AND I will have a great time without Himself... maybe after he hears about my experience he will begin to be a bit more open-minded about a cruise vacation.