Friday, February 03, 2006

Word Cloud

This is something I found on another blog.
You can make a "word cloud"
that reflects the most commonly used words on your blog,
with words used more often larger, etc etc.
It's kind of cool.

I will do another one after a few more posts to see how it has changed.


Rurality said...

I saw that the other day and did one for mine... but it was so incredibly BORING that I didn't post it! I should strive to talk about more weighty matters I suppose. :)

Rachel said...

I saw Cliff and I saw morrow, plus rhodent a few times! Otherwise it's just a jumble of words to me.

Rhodent said...

I was amused that cliff and morrow showed up as large as they did. I will have to go back and look at my posts to see why. The words do mean something to me, but I was surprised by the relative size of some of them since that is to idicate prominece of use in my posts. It was fun to do, and I will do it again after some more posts to see how it has changed.

Jim said...

It looks like a neat thing to do. I may try it. I'm glad for you 'Rhodent' showed up nicely. Keep on!
I'm catching up from Iowa. I checked some on Sister's computer but not enough to keep up.
I don't understand the flood. Might it be a musical group? Or the floods this summer?
Your poem was nice, but sad. I've never been to Clearwater but can imagine the nice house this couple will have to leave fairly soon. My parents had a nice one bedroom with sunroom in town that they had to give up. The fellow who bought it let it burn. Cliff has seen it. It should have been passed on again but probably won't be rebuilt.
Spring is here today, the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday. I'm sure that is how it is there too.
I sure would like to know where you find all the rodent pictures. First I though they were all yours. But I don't think you have minature machine guns or other weapons for them.
If their source and/or history is on a previous blog, would you please tell where to find it.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Fascinating, Rhodent!