Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Invitation

Since I am exhausted this evening, I am inviting my blogging friends to invent their own caption or story for this picture. I hope when I check back, that I will have many comments that will give me a few guffaws and belly laughs!


Jim said...

How about 'Sunning on the High Bar?'

Jim said...
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Rhodent said...

It's ok by me Jim... I looked but did not see a squirrel on your blog... I will check again later.

frustratedwriter said...

I would've gone with, "Just hanging on, baby..." or "Some days it just doesn't pay to get up." Like the pic.

Rurality said...

Well I am no good at making clever captions... as you can see. But I'll leave you a comment anyway! :)

Tropical Screamer said...


"Are you -sure- this is how the Flying Wallenda's got started?"

Cute site with lots of opportunities for smiles. :)

Aloha from Maui.
Darilyn (Tropical Screamer)