Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rhodent Recipe

Here is the recipe that a couple of you requested. I originally got it from my Aunt Johanna. Please note that this is the original recipe. When I make these mushrooms, I usually make much more than 1 lb and increase most of the seasoning amounts. (Ralph... please remember to add the lemon juice to suit your taste!) Very often I do the main part of the recipe and instead of marinating for 8 hours, I marinate in the refrigerator overnight... then all I have to do is reheat them and finish with whatever extra seasoning I think I need to add.

This recipe is a favorite at our house for the holidays. I usually make enough for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in one batch...5 to 6 lbs. I have big eaters and a big group! Get the largest fresh button mushrooms you can find... they shrink up a lot!

Mushroom Individuals
(basic recipe)

      • 1 lb. fresh button mushrooms
      • 1 T butter
      • 1 clove garlic, crushed
      • 1 tsp dill weed
      • 1/2 tsp salt
      • 1/4 tsp pepper
      • 1 T fresh squeezed lemon juice
      • 1 T sherry
      • 1 cup sour cream
Clean mushrooms. Melt butter and add garlic. Add mushrooms to butter and add dill weed, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and sherry. Cook for 20 minutes. Pour small amount of mushroom liquid into sour cream and blend. Pour sour cream over mushrooms and mix thoroughly to coat mushrooms.

Refrigerate 8 hours or overnight to marinate.

Place in chafing dish and heat. Use toothpicks for serving.

If you do not have time to marinate for at least 8 hours, increase the amount of lemon and sherry and marinate as long as possible before heating.

Okay, so that is the basic recipe. I always put in extra garlic, sherry, dill, and lemon juice... and then maybe a bit more sherry. Let it reduce down before adding the sour cream, and it is ever so yummy! I just can't help it. I learned to cook from my father, and he never followed a recipe. He firmly believed in tasting as you go! You also get the pleasure of enjoying the food twice! Yes, I need to lose weight! ;o)


Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Oh, YUM! Thanks for that recipe. I'm going to try it. Hubby and I love mushrooms.

Rainypete said...

Hey, I cook that way too. Maybe I don't need a diet after all. I'll just tell the wife we need to order out so I can shake a few pounds!

Cliff Morrow said...

Thanks, we'll try it.

Rachel said...

Yum, makes me hungry to read it!! I love mushrooms, I'll have to try it. Thanks!

Jim said...

I might try it too, it sounds good. Maybe a hopped up (just a little Tabasco sauce or ??) version for a hot sensation.
Some people substitute cubed tofu for mushrooms. Not in this recipe I think.
I'm working on a horseapple pie recipe.

Anonymous said...


you forgot one of the most important parts of the whole process. You MUST have a glass of wine (or a martini... or whatever...) in hand while you're cooking. Everything else in the recipe is "suit to taste", after all! Baba wouldn't have had it any other way ;)

<3 Ally

PS. Reading this (and having the recipe on hand) makes me want to try to make them here at the apartment. Maybe i'll trick Charley into trying some fungus ;)

frustratedwriter said...

this is a recipe I will definitely try. thanks for sharing!