Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can I Get a Do-Over For Today?

Perhaps I needed a bit more sleep. Maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Do you think that my increased stress levels are having an impact? Could it be early onset of dementia? Something is certainly out of whack.

I got up this morning like any other day. I took a shower, put on deodorant, brushed my teeth, got dressed, had my usual cup of tea and some grapefruit sections, fed the cats, grabbed my lunch for later, and then headed out the door. I saw one of my neighbors outside and talked to her for a few minutes before I got in my car and drove to work. Everything seemed fine.

When I arrived at work, I put my lunch in the refrigerator in the lunchroom, checked my mailbox, picked up the work in the tray on my door, and turned on my computer. I briefly spoke to the Parish Manager, Cathy, and mentioned to her that I hoped that it was okay that I had worn a jeans outfit with matching vest for the day since it was cold. I thought the vest dressed it up enough to get away with. She was fine with the outfit. It's a church, but we are fairly casual. I settled in to get some work done. So far, so good.

About 11:00 AM, I decided to take a break and fix a cup of hot tea. I got out my cup, put in a tea bag, put sugar in the cup, turned on the hot pot and waited for the water to boil. As I stood there waiting for the water to boil, I noticed that I felt a bit funny. Since no one else was in the room, out of habit I decided to adjust my bra to see if that was the problem. That was the problem, but not in the way I thought. There was no bra. I was a bit surprised.

That is something that I have never done before. Good grief! Here I was, in the church offices and missing an essential garment for work. I finished my tea and went back to have another visit with the Parish Manager, Cathy. When she caught her breath after an extended period of time in hysterical laughter, she then told Sr. Pat, who then also had a few good laughs. We decided that since I had a vest on, I could probably get away with it. Okay, good enough.

At this point I could hardly contain my own laughter, and decided to trek on down the hall and let Robin in on the joke. I went into her office and said "Guess what I did today?" She asked me several questions the last of which was "Did you put on mismatched shoes?" I laughed and told her that no, my shoes were fine but I had forgotten to put on a bra this morning. We both laughed. Ha, Ha, Ha.

I then happened to step a bit to the left. Robin looked down and exclaimed, "You DID! You wore two mismatched shoes!!!" Laugh, Laugh, Guffaw! Yup. Sure enough. I looked down, and I had on one navy blue loafer and one black loafer with a tassel. Good grief... AGAIN! What more could go wrong. I was sure that I was losing it. So, of course, I had to go tell Cathy what else I had managed to mess up today. Fr. Mike was in the room at the time and thought it was quite funny. Then Cathy told him what else I had goofed up. He chuckled and asked me if I was sure that I was wearing underwear. Yes, we are a fun group. So the day continued.

My torture was finally over and I went home for the day. Or so I thought. I went on my nightly walk with my neighbor, Rosie. We both had a good laugh after I told her about my day. I went home. I fixed a cup of decaffeinated hot tea. I turned on the TV. I changed into my PJs and put on my slippers. The slippers were both from the same pair. And I got them on the right feet.

I was sitting on the couch in the family room thinking about this evening's post when my cell phone rang. It was the Parish Manager, Cathy. We chit-chatted for a minute when she said, " I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you this, but... "

No, not something else!?! Yes, something else. It seems that when I ran the bills through the postage meter before leaving for the day, I had somehow managed to set the amount to $ .01 as well as adding a day to the meter date. Luckily, Cathy had glanced at the outgoing mail and caught the mistake. She had to re-run the pieces of mail to get the correct postage on each piece.

Please refer to the first paragraph of tonight's post. I am going to bed now.


happyandblue2 said...

Ha,ha,ha..It's always funnier when someone else messes up..
Hope the rest of the week is better..

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Not sure I will the story of your day gave me quite a laugh. Be careful tomorrow - one article of clothing at a time.

Jim said...

Better watch it, you might set a new dress code/trend at your church office. Styles return, here back to the sixties days.
It's too early to go to bed, it isn't even nine o'clock.
If I go to bed too early I get up too early. I only need four or five hours of sleep. And a couple of short naps during the day.

Miki said...

HOpe that today was better, don't worry, I often used to go into work withmy tops on inside out
, only to be told by not the staff, but the participants of the program for adults with Developmental Disabilities.

Rachel said...

Oh my! You did have a day didn't you? LOL! I think I would have missed my bra right off for sure! I would have noticed the lumps hanging around my waist!

Ron Southern said...

Too bad you don't do pictures of you. How about a photo of you from neck to toes, that would've been an entertainment without giving away your secret identity!

L said...

heh heh.... yeah, we're related all right

frustratedwriter said...

Yikes! Hate when that happens! Okay, I don't wear a bra, but I've made the shoe mistake before. Hope your week gets better!

Lowa said...

Yowza! What a day!! Hope you had a good sleep and will remember to wear your bra:) How uncomfy! it is a good sign that it took you so long to notice. It means they are not down to your knees or anything, then you would have caught it earlier, eh??:)

I have ALMOST done that a few times. Come very close, with all the chaos around here, etc. Lots of distractions.

I like your blog, I will be back.

Rurality said...

Rhodent's version of a wardrobe malfuntion!