Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Chit Chat And A Limerick

It's Wednesday, I'm home earlier than usual, and I have time to post before I go on my nightly walk with my neighbor, Rosie. We have recently started to walk together in the evening, and I really enjoy the time spent with her. We get a chance to really talk without interruption. I need the exercise, but the company is even more important.

I have had to change some of my summer plans due to my upcoming divorce. Originally, I had planned on taking my taking my mom on an Alaskan cruise in August. We talked about it and looked at some different trip possibilities, but it turned out to be too expensive for me... especially when I added in the airfare. So I regrouped. My church is getting a group together for an Eastern Caribbean cruise in November which is much more affordable. It is not Alaska with its glaciers and whales, but it is a nice group of people. My roommate from last summer's cruise has someone else to go with so I will take my mom with me. If any of my blogger buddies out there want to join in on the group for the cruise, email me and I will send you the information.

I hope that someday I will get to do the Alaskan cruise. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time! It is actually what got me interested in cruising in the first place. Over the years I have had numerous friends that have taken Alaskan cruises and they all come back raving about how wonderful their trip was. Someday...

I haven't made much progress in my hunt for a new home. I do have some possibilities, but there are some things that have to fall into place for me first. Keep me in your prayers regarding that... please!

Work is still piled high, but I decided that I needed to just leave it for tomorrow. Sometimes it is necessary to do that... even when I am not totally caught up. Perhaps I should take a picture of my desk at work to give you an idea... no, that would be too humiliating. I'll just leave it to your imagination.

Currently, I am looking forward to a visit with my oldest son in Connecticut later this month. I still have to get airline reservations. Hopefully, "L" will be joining me for the trip. It should be fun. Jason can be a lot of fun, and when two or more of my kids get together it is usually hilarious!

Rhodent's been in quite a funk
Her house hopes were rapidly sunk
She had hoped to buy
A house that did lie
On her street and it wasn't just junk

The couple who wanted to sell
Changed their minds when she rang their front bell
The wife thought they should
Since his health was not good
But he wanted to wait until well

His heart then needed three stints
Selling the house made no sense
The health care is great
In the warm sunshine state
Looks like Rhodent will be checking out rents

Perhaps in a one year, maybe two
I can't wait much more than a few
They'll be willing to sell
Though you never can tell
I don't know what I'm going to do

I don't mean to seem such a louse
I shouldn't now covet their house
But it's perfect for me
And lovely to see
And it's captured the heart of this mouse


Rachel said...

What a nice poem! Who knows, maybe they'll change their minds.

Anyway, I'll be praying for you! The cruise sounds great. Wish I could go with you, but I take care of my husband so I can't. The Alaska cruise would be great too!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Dear Rhodent,
A walking partner sounds grand.I often walk alone, but would enjoy company.

I understand wanting a house. It sounds like that one felt like a home to you. I hope another place comes on the horizon that is a special Rhodent fit.

I'll read about your travels here because I can't go, sadly as badly as I need to get away and would adore meeting blogging friends.

I've not been in here or anywhere in blogland until recently for a while, so here's hugs for a new start after your divorce. It's not easy, to say the least. You're in my thoughts.

Rurality said...

Sad but good limerick. I think that with houses, things usually work out the way they're intended to... so maybe you'll find something better! :)

Miki said...

You will go to Alaska, just bide your time, things sometimes have a wayof working thruogh the hard times. When you do go, you will be a "single" woman, and you will be able to have a little more fun and relax more. My parents did the Alaska cruise, a few years before my Dad passed away, and loved it. They said that the scenery was majestic, but could be a little boring because you are looking at a lot of the same stuff. They really enjoyed the Panama Canal cruise that they went on, my Dad hadn't been there since WWII, and they loved the Hawwii cruise, and stay. I am glad that they went, it is great to hear my mom talk about how nice the cruises were.
Don't fret about your house woes, it will happen too. YOu just have to decide that "rent" for a short while isn't going to be hideous. You can do the "own" thing after.

Cliff Morrow said...

I suppose that renting for a bit would be a good thing for all of us who have been in the same house for a long time. I've often told Marilyn that we need to completely empty our house out on to the lawn, then paint, carpet, and return only the things we need. I suspect we would need a 53 foot 'dry van' to hold what we didn't want. You, my friend, can do that. Then when you move back to a house you'll be organized.
I really hope you get to go on the Alalka cruise. It's probably the one cruise, my wife could get me on. (no don't tell her) You sound like you've got a good attitude. Good luck.

frustratedwriter said...

hope you find some new digs soon and that it is a steal for you. walking with someone to talk too is so much more invigorating although my imagination has always kept me busy.

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