Friday, July 01, 2005

Another Good Day

Well, it wasn't as easy to get up this morning as it was yesterday morning, but it was still easier than usual. I had a chance to talk a bit to our new pastor. I think that he is going to be very good for our parish. He has a good sense of humor, assesses things quickly and accurately, and is not hesitant about stating what he thinks. We will have a more in depth meeting next Thursday. I am excited about that. I know that he will challenge me a bit, but that is a good thing... it will keep me from getting lazy and going stale. When I get a chance to snap a picture on my camera, I will post his picture.

I got a lot done today... it was an 11 hour workday for me. I am trying to get the fiscal year end work finished, so that when the bank statements come in I will be able to finish up quickly. My goal is to have all of that done and have my old filing completed before the first hurricane arrives this year. Yeah, I know that is kind of open-ended, but if you look at it the way I do, the peak part of the season is August-September. That means I should be ready for anything by the end of July. OOOOOOH! That IS this month!

If you want a great laugh, I suggest that you visit Random_Speak (my daughter "L" ) and read her latest post about dust bunnies. She consistently cracks me up!


frustratedwriter said...

Days at work where you accomplish something are so satisfying! glad you had a great one and I'm off to read L's piece. Happy 4th!

L said...

thanks for the compliment, m'dear

Alisa said...

I really enjoy your blog (and Random Speak's)! Your entire family is so creative.