Monday, July 11, 2005

Hairy Or Not, Here I Come!

Have you ever noticed how most people want whatever they don't have when it comes to hair? If they have curly hair, they want it straight. If they have straight hair, they want it curly. Growing up, I was no exception. I have always had some natural curl to my hair. So of course I wanted it straight. In high school, as was the fashion of the time, I would iron my hair on our ironing board with a regular iron. Long straight hair was definitely the "in" thing. I had some male cousins who thought that this was the most amazing thing they had ever seen... they had no sisters.

I also wanted thicker hair because my hair was so thin and fine. Both of my daughters have thicker hair than I do... Allybrat has hair that is much thicker than mine. "L" has thin, fine hair too, but it is still thicker than mine. I have always had one feature about my hair that I have been glad to have and my girls have been very po'd that they did not inherit... growing up I had almost no hair on my legs. To the female of the species that relates immediately to how often legs need to be shaved.

I almost never shave my legs any more because I have almost no air on them. I also have no hair on my arms. I used to have hair on my arms, but no longer. This is really not a big deal to me. What is a big deal to me is the fact that when the hair on my arms and legs started to disappear, so did my eyebrows! I do have some eyebrow hair, but not much. Every year I have less and less. This is not a good thing.

I have tried using eyebrow coloring to make my eyebrows stand out more, but it looks ridiculous. So, I have decided that I can either live with it or perhaps I might see what happens if I apply a bit of hair restorer. What do you think? Now, I want you to think carefully about this. This is an important question. I expect some creative answers!


Jamie Dawn said...

I love that hairless rodent pic!!

Don't use the hair restorer stuff. Only use it if it really is a big deal to you. If not.... who cares?

blue2go said...

Cute picture! Just a weird question: have you had your thyroid function checked out? Often that will cause hair (like eyebrows) to fall out. How about wearing long bangs to the eyebrows?!

Rainypete said...

I would recommend a trained pair of caterpillars. That would do the trick quite nicely.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

How you come up with those pictures amazes me more than the question.
About the hair restore - don't.
I use to have a lot of hair - back in my younger days there was a point it was almost down to my shoulders - I still laugh when I see those pictures. Now, I have a few strands. I guess there are just more important things to do than worry about hair. So, stop the hair restoring and keep posting. You write some GREAT stuff.

Rhodent said...

Raineypete-- what an excellent suggestion! Do they possibly come in the non-stinging variety? what are the color availabilities?

Jaimie & Ralph-- don't worry, with my luck, it wuold cause what eyebrow hairs I have to fall out!

blue2go-- I am already on thyroid medication and just had it increased... but it hasn't helped the hair! Sigh

CG said...

They have hair restorer for eyebrows? Man, rogaine is working the niche markets! ;)

What about Lee Press-On Eyebrows?

dorioo said...

Shave all your hair off. I will love you anyway.


digs a. said...

chance upon your page, love all the pics, rhodents and all... here in the Philippines, eyebrow tatooing is in, there'll be no bother in drawing the eyebrows, there'll be some pain in the process but result will be great :)

hope you may be able to visit my page too -

digs a. said...

No...i haven't had my eyebrows tatooed :)
- digs

happyandblue2 said...

I would definitely go with eyebrow wigs if I was you.
You could get several kinds for different occasions..

Carmi said...

Beauty comes from within, not from a bottle.

I take a "manyana" approach to my looks. You're right about humans never being satisfied with their hair. I would extend that to everything else about themselves, too.

So with that in mind, simply leaving things as they are is an easy way to separate ourselves from the pack. Why be conventional when we can be ourselves?

frustratedwriter said...

I say you just go with the shaved look, eyebrows, hair, etc. They will all be looking at your bald pate and no one will even notice the missing eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

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