Thursday, July 28, 2005

If Dishes Were Wishes, I'd Be Lucky Indeed!

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This dishes have piled up because we ran out of dishwasher detergent. Allybrat had my car for work so I was unable to get to the store. I could have walked, but I don't think I would have gotten there before I melted in the heat. It amazes me that three people can generate so many dishes in a short period of time.

So here I am, dreading the kitchen. I worked an 11 hour day today, and I am exhausted. My eyes are bleary (actually I started the day that way), and I have to face yucky old pasta sauce on plates and baking pans. Himself didn't even clear his plate from the table. Sigh.

Today started off with a meeting that I really didn't want to go to, but it was probably good that I did anyway. After I managed to keep my eyes open for those two hours, I spent most of my day making journal entries before closing out the fiscal year. I have set up some new account numbers and am now using sub-accounts, so in order to have the history transferred to this next year, I have a ton of journal entries to do. They are not difficult. It is just that I have to go through lines of small print to check the entries. My eyes are getting too old for that.

I could probably muster the strength to go to a movie or go on a ride at Disney, but kitchen duty eats my brain and energy. I would have washed most of the dishes by hand last night, but both Allybrat and Himself wanted to take showers. I wanted to go to bed before midnight. So there they sit. If I can stretch this post out a bit longer, perhaps they will magically wash themselves!
Nah, no such luck.

So I will leave the blog world now, even though I have not had a chance to read my favorite blog sites. Sigh. At least Himself brought a rootbeer home from the store for me tonight! It is chilling in the freezer and should be ready by the time I am done with the kitchen. There is a bright spot!


*~*Michelle*~* said...

Ah, come on...go to Disney -- the dishes will wait! :)

blue2go said...

Hope you enjoyed that rootbeer! I think you need a rest, good thing the weekend is almost here!

frustratedwriter said...

After working 13 and half hours yesterday, walking for another hour, and finally driving home, I couldn't bear the sight of the sink full of dishes either so I just pretended they didn't exist. Slept like a baby with no guilt. Unfortunately, unless dish washing elves come today and magically wash them, it does mean I will be elbow deep in suds by this evening. Sigh. I feel your pain.

Brooklyn said...


Rainypete said...

I'm afraid dishes are only a priority when there are none left. It's amazing how many more dishes you'll mess up once a dishwasher enters your house. We don't have one yet, but I rembmber at my parent's house where you would take a drink ditch the glass and take another glass out 2 minutes later for another drink.