Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dennis Who???

Oh no!

UH... Here we go again!

Well, the lists have been updated, the trees have been pruned, the old fence sections are down, the inventory of the hurricane closet is done, the trash from all of that has been hauled off, and we only have a few more things to get in for food and supplies. Last year, the first named storm was not until August. Here we are at the beginning of July, and we are already on "D" for Dennis. I guess a less active year was too much to hope for anyway. The experts keep telling us that we are entering a ten to twenty year period of increased activity. The waters are not that much warmer, but only one degree makes a big difference. Everything seems to be in place for a very active season. I wonder if Pinellas County will squeak by another year without a major hit. The last time a major hurricane directly hit Pinellas County was in 1921. Do you think we are a bit overdue? Yikes!

Here are a few reminders about why we are a bit nervous when the hurricanes start moving our way...

Holy Moley!

Let's hope that the cartoonists do not have as much material for inspiration this season!


blue2go said...

Yikes is right! That's some terrible damage. How scary! Hope it all bypasses your area.

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

Hope you can escape it, too. And the Texas Gulf Coast as well.

YIKES! Those pictures sure put it into perspective, don't they?

CG said...

I keep on hoping they will spin out into the ocean, far from land.

The weather people always talk about the possibility of that happening - I say it's about time it did happen!

Rainypete said...

When I was younger we had a tornado bear down on our area only to have it hop over us. I can't imagine feeling that kind of dread again.

Hopefully eveything passes you by and leaves your tail unscathed.

frustratedwriter said...

The power of nature always amazes me. I hope you are amazed from a distance.