Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This 'N That And Then Some...

I seem to be posting pictures okay for the moment. The old ones are not back, but at least no new ones have disappeared for a bit. The main heading for my blog has disappeared, but the title still shows up for me. Hopefully, you are all seeing the whole thing. "L" will help straighten things out when she has a bit of time. So... in the meantime, I have several things to post about that I will include all in this one post.


Just hangin' around the house today since I switched my day off from Wednesday...


One of the things that I did today was to set up my overdue doctors' appointments that I have been putting off for awhile. I made all but one of the appointments successfully without creating any conflicts with meetings, etc.



Internist and Gynecologist

Dentist... the one I forgot... I have to have the bonding on one of my teeth repaired ASAP!

So, I will once again be helping to support the medical community. If I could be sure that it would conclude with only co-payments, I would no be so hesitant. It just never seems to work out that easily, however. At least I am confident that I have very good doctors... I don't have to deal with an HMO where you never know who you will to see.


Fr. Michael Cormier

The above picture is of the new Associate Pastor at my church/workplace. He seems to be a great guy... and very talented! Not only does he have a wonderful singing voice, a good sense of humor (a must in our workplace!), but he is also very artistic! He carves duck decoys and paints. How cool is that? He is also one of those rare young priests who spends time in his office and is present for parishioners and staff alike. I don't know how we lucked out with such a dynamic two-some! Our Pastor is also turning out to be as terrific as I had hoped. AND we still have Fr. Aiden coming around to say masses and visit!


Sunday we took a brunch cruise on Tampa Bay on the yacht Star Ship. It is supposed to be Florida's largest dining yacht. That may be true, but, more importantly, it is completely air conditioned and the food was fabulous! "L" and I were able to enjoy a couple of Mamosas and could have partaken of numerous delicious drinks or after dinner coffees, but decided it was too early in the day for such extravagance. Below are some snapshots from the brunch.

Betty Ann coming back to the table with a bit 'o breakfast!

"L" wore a cute little cotton dress but neglected to bring a hat. Pshaw! However, she was still fashionably dressed and reeking with charm. Betty Ann brought "L" a special gift picked out for her in Orlando by several of her relatives. In case you cannot read the package she is holding, it says "Grow A Nerd"... it expands 600% when watered. Perhaps she will post a picture of it when it has grown to it's full size.


Sometime Sunday, on or after the Brunch Cruise, I lost one of my favorite earrings. It is pink shell with pearls. Sigh. Pink is my favorite color and so the earring went with my numerous pink dresses and other clothing. I am still hoping that Himself will find it on the floor of his car since he drove to and from the brunch.


And finally... I have decided that I need to give up drinking Coca Cola... again. I am an addict. I freely admit it. So I have been trying to wean myself with rootbeer, iced tea, and ice cold water. My weight always drops a bit when I don't drink any soda, but it is the Coke that I really crave. The other sodas I can live without. And forget diet soda... the sweetness still stimulates the appetite, and I hate the aftertaste.

Once again I will attempt to live a healthier life by eliminating Coca Cola. I will try to keep a pitcher of iced tea on hand... I drink it without sugar, and tea has some good health benefits even though it has caffeine. Now don't tell me to drink decaf tea... I need the caffeine! I will let you know how I am doing... unless of course I fail miserably, in which case I won't tell you.



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Alisa said...

I'm glad everything is working out at your parish! My mother worked for years as a Project Support Analyst for a parish here under a wonderful priest who really knew how to handle the finances and the parishoners. Unfortunately, he was so good at what he did... he got a promotion and moved into the diocese.

I'm not sure people fully grasp the "behind the scenes" work that is done on a day to day basis to keep a successful parish going!

blue2go said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like everything is going well at work for you.

Cliff Morrow said...

Nice photo's. The priest has a 'I'm a nice guy look about him'.
I wasn't aware you could grow a nerd, Marilyn will be disappointed. She married me and she could have just bought one.

frustratedwriter said...

I'm not sure who I should warn, the nerd or L... hmm. Sounds like you've been busy! I try to avoid doctor appointments but did manage to squeeze a physical in. I hate the ol' finger in a glove routine. Sigh.