Friday, September 29, 2006

An Interactive Post

It seems that the pain in my jaw has had an impact on my brain functions. I don't normally have any difficulty in coming up with a limerick for any subject. At this time I can come up with the first four lines of a number of limericks about my dental dilemmas, but I have failed miserably in finishing them off with that one final line. So, using a bit of creative brain power that I have left, I decided that it might be fun to see if my blogger friends can come up with some interesting or funny final lines to the ones I have started. I finished a couple, but the rest are yours to complete...

Poor Rhodent has been in a funk
Her spirits have rapidly sunk
One thing or another
Including her mother


Rhodent's blogging has been very scant
She has not even posted a rant
A piece of her jaw
Has made her gums raw


Twas a piece so seemingly small
You'd think it would not hurt at all
But it caused so much pain
That it drove her insane
So the surgeon recieved a phone call

I finally have some relief
And I managed to keep all my teeth
The fragment of bone
That caused me to moan


Twas only a fragment of bone
That refused to leave me alone
I've taken my pills
And paid a few bills
But the reason still remains quite unknown


Small Section

Okay then. Get those creative brain cells working. You can do it!


Jim said...

Don't tell me it's just all bunk.

Today she couldn't even wad her pant.

You did fine on the third one, hang in there!

In the deep six now lies beneath.

Again, the fifth one suits me fine!

The Bonus:


Please don't run spell check on the Bonus one, it's Southern accent for extraction.

Cliff Morrow said...

I've mentioned before Rhodent that limericks and I aren't friends. For some reasone I can't write one. Never have. Tried several tho. I'm glad there seems to be an end to all of this for you.

Frustrated Writer said...

The bone fragment had no detection
Aside from a horrible infection
The surgeon just shrugged
Leaving Rhodent quite bugged
And feeling a painful rejection.

L said...

wow -- you really have been in a funk if you can't finish a limerick!

Anonymous said...

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