Monday, September 25, 2006

Poor Pitiful Pearl

Yup, that's me... Poor, Pitiful Pearl. I have not been blogging of late because I have been tired of blogging about my woes. Life has been throwing me a few curve balls, but I will get through it.

To keep you up to date... I am still having problems with the bone fragments deciding to pop through my gums and cause nasty infections and a bit more pain than I care to experience on an ongoing daily basis. I went back to the oral surgeon today and had another X-ray, exam, an $85.00 bill to pay, and another appointment for a week and a half from today.

My mom has been doing fairly well physically after her brief stay at the hospital. Her mind is probably in another dimension somewhere. Currently she is on her way to Europe on a tour of the Scandinavian Capitols with a friend as part of a tour group. I made sure she got on her plane safely. I will be holding my breath for a couple of weeks until she is back in the states. I had to forego my pain pills while driving to pick her up 2 hours away, then driving another two hours to take her to the airport, and finally after getting her checked in and on her way, driving another 40 minutes home. I was not a happy camper about the pain, but I really didn't mind getting her to the airport. I would just have preferred it to be less painful!

Her friend will look after her, but the trip did not start off well. I got a frantic call on my cell phone from her friend who was supposed to meet her at the Atlanta airport. It seems she had been missing for a while. No one had seen her get off her plane and they had been looking all over for her. After an hour or so they found her sitting quietly waiting for someone to show up. I am certain that she was not a bit phased by the whole thing. I will feel like I am holding my breath, but I have faith that she will return in one piece. Her friend, on the other hand, may soon suffer from a stroke, heart attack, nervous tic or some other sort of anxiety related affliction.

Himself and I are still living in the same house even though the divorce is final. He has found a place to rent and will be moving into it in a few weeks. There has been some discussion among family about moving my mom in with me in my current home. I am still not sure that is the best plan. It also leaves me in limbo for a bit. Do I finish packing, start unpacking, or do nothing? Will I be able to afford to stay in the house? Do I want to stay in the same house?

My last paycheck was pretty sorry-looking as I had missed so much work between my mom being in the hospital and my mouth problems. The next one will not come too soon! Looks like it is a good thing that I have managed to put a bit into savings!

So that is me these days... Poor Pitiful Pearl. Now do you see why I have avoided blogging? I need to get some new material. Something a bit more pleasant. I will work on it. Right now I need to go pop another antibiotic and pain pill. Ciao!


Cap'n Rich said...



Frustrated Writer said...

Come now, oh queen of limericks. You should do a few limerick blogs to get your mind off of the bad and have your mind enjoy some of the fun things in life you enjoy. Here, let me prime the pump...

There once was a rhodent in pain
Who suffered again and again
The dentist kept charging
Lowering her financial margin
Making poor rhodent insane.

hmm, maybe not the best... let's try another one.

When rhodent began her divorce
From her misery's prevelent source
The process got crazy
And her future looks hazy
But her friends stand by her, of course.

Hmm, somehow I think you will do much better. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

L said...

at least you always manage to find the perfect images for your posts :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a little mousey. But I'm not surprised on the mouse part. D-CON I say.
I suppose the good news is that life will probably get better for you. My thinking on that is that odd's are it can't get worse.
Chin up girl. We're waiting for your "Life is SOoo Wonderful' post from you.

Brooklyn said...

all i can is i am here for you if you need someone "safe" to vent to...

Jim said...

Rhodent, are you taking Fosomax or something like that? When Mrs. Jim developed a mass attached to her jaw bone we studied up on it.
It can cause bone fragments to pop out like what maybe you have been experiencing.
Mrs. Jim go off hers but the doctor didn't think there was a relationship.
Best wishes for you, your mom, and the housing situation.

Rhodent said...

Jim-- I am not taking Fosomax. That was a question that the oral surgeon asked me... it seems that are some women who develop these problems or similar when taking it. You can be sure I will avoid that med!

L-- I try

Cliff--I will post a "life is so wonderful post" as soon as things take a turn for the better!

Cap'n Rich--yup!!!

FW--Thanks for the thoughts, prayers AND limericks!

Discom-- It is nie to know that this IS a safe place to vent!