Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Could Things Be Sorting Themselves Out?

I must have done something right and your prayers must be working because some of the confusion in my life might possibly be getting clearer. Here is what is happening...

Tomorrow morning I will go back to the endodontist so that he can decide what the next step for my infected tooth and gums will be... resolution to this is a good thing... at least something will be done even if it is to pull the tooth.

I have had a couple of good conversations with my sister in California regarding my mom. What a relief! My sister now understands better what the situation is with my mom and is willing to let me take the lead with decisions about her care since I am the one here and having to deal with everything. After the doctor visit today and the news that she cannot drive, my mom is beginning to realize that she will need to make some adjustments.

Himself was quite helpful over the past few days... including driving me up to Dunnellon and picking up my mom to take her to the doctor in Ocala since I could not drive while taking the pain meds for my mouth. He also surprised me by making a very helpful suggestion regarding housing for me and for my mom. I will not go into it just yet, but I did talk to my sister about his idea and she agrees. Once I have it all clearer in my mind I will post something about it. Hopefully it will work out, and my life will be much more sane.

So, thank you all for the prayers, and please don't stop!

My friend Rosie has been investigating the blogosphere and may soon have her own blog up and going. I will post a link to her blog as soon as I have her blog address. Right now I am off to read your blogs which I have been missing the last couple of days!


Anonymous said...


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Jim said...

A new guy to me.
You can count on me for praying for you guys, I have been for quite some time now. It got a little more specific after your last blog entry.
Hang in there! Critter(s) and all!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Sounds like things are working themselve out. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Frustrated Writer said...

Sounds like a promising turn for the better. Hang in there, you will come through this all stronger and knowing you, funnier because you can look at life and laugh, an admirable talent.

Rainypete said...

Keep laughing and smiling. It helps.
Let's hope this upswing carries on.

Rachel said...

Glad things are looking up. Hope the tooth got taken care of without too much hassle. Glad "him" is being helpful!

**Silvermoon** GEL said...

Although this is almost a month later (since I've rarely been in blogland), I hope you and your mom are doing MUCH better.