Friday, September 08, 2006

Ok, If I Yell Uncle Will It Stop?

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It has been a tough week so this will be a short post. My mother went into the emergency clinic on Tuesday night and was transferred to the hospital on Wednesday morning. I have been up there spending most of my time waiting to talk to doctors and trying to explain what is going on to my mother and listening to my sister in California who thinks she knows better than I do what should be done... according to her-- nothing, since everything is fine. Right.

On top of that, one of my back teeth on which I have had a root canal and gold crown work, is giving me quite a bit of pain. No nerves in the tooth so I figure it must be some sort of infection. Yay. I have missed three and a half days of work... non-paid since all my remaining vacation time is booked for the November cruise.

Now I know that there are a lot of people out there who have it worse than me. Things could be worse, but I still want sympathy. I think I have had enough to deal with over the past year. Uncle. Uncle. UNCLE! The tooth pain on top of everything else is making me crazy.

I will post more when I can get my head clear again. Have a good weekend!


Jim said...

Nice to hear from you again. Sorry you are having those kind of problems on top of your other ordeals.
Best wishes for you mom, we will pray for her. Better keep praying for you too. I hope your tooth calms down.
You have my sympathy, but it sure is long distance. Maybe you can get some from someone closer who can give you a hug and some chicken soup (or candy).

happy and blue 2 said...

Sorry that your Mom is sick.And that your tooth hurts.
Not that I had anything to do with either.

Hope you get things all fixed up soon. Miss your posts..

Cliff Morrow said...

Oh Rhodent, I'm so sorry about these two problems. I don't know why family members who are removed from the situation would offer anything but concern. But I've seen it often.
Sorry about the tooth. Get it taken care of before it gets the best of you. I'll check back on you to see how you're doing.

Rainypete said...

And I thought I was having it rough because I knocked over my coffee all over my keyboard this morning. You win!

I hope stuff sorts itself out for you as that is a lousy way to spend your days.

Rachel said...

Sorry about your pain. Did saying Uncle make it better??

I pray your Mom gets better soon.