Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Looking Forward

It has been an interesting week. The weather has changed a bit and is giving us a hint of Fall. I probably had my last swim in the pool for this year... unless we get another extended warm spell. I'll miss the pool, but I really look forward each year to the cooler weather. In addition to weather changes I am still dealing with additional bone fragments making their appearance. I figure that I will eventually run out of bone so it has to end at some point!

This past week my son Matthew was in the area for a program class for work. He extended his stay to include the weekend so that he could spend some time with family. It was good seeing him. I got to meet one of the guys he works with at Lockheed Martin in Virginia. The girls, Matt and I along with a few others got to go out for dinner one of the nights to Bern's Steak House which is always a treat. "L" outdid herself with the most expensive meal. Somehow, I think I got a lot more from my steak (at least 2 meals) that she did for her tablespoon of caviar at $65! The lady sure has expensive tastes! Sigh.

Other than that I don't have much else to post about that is new. I am still popping pain pills and penicillin and am looking forward to another visit to the oral surgeon tomorrow morning. As I indicated in my first paragraph, sooner or later I will run out of jaw bone. I will concentrate on looking forward to the fall weather, Halloween, and my next cruise.


Rachel said...

WE have a hint of fall too! It's nice.

Hope all the bone stuff works its way out soon and that the visit got the oral surgeon goes well.

Jim said...

We've had our fall, now it's back to summer.

Don't bite the oral surgeon. And ask him if your calcium supplements could be causing those spurs.