Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well, my cable seems to be working consistently now, but Blogger is giving me problems. It is almost impossible to publish my posts now for some reason! After numerous attempts this morning, I finally got the previous post published. I had originally written it just after midnight last night and could not get Blogger to let me finish publishing it. Being the stubborn sort of person that I am, I redid the post this morning and tried again. It took an hour, but I finally got past the following message:

There were errors. (Details...)

Eventually, if I keep signing out and coming back, each time trying to publish the post, publishing happens a bit at a time. So now I will attempt to get this post published in the same manner. I wonder how long this one will take? Yes, I am still getting the above message when I try to publish this post!


Rachel said...

I got that one yesterday after posting. So I went back and posted it all again and then there it was twice on my blog! So I had to go back in and delete one. ARGHHHH!!!!

Ron Southern said...

I've been getting that "errors" message too. Not too bad yet, but very irritating and undermining.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I got the same message and finally got stuck on 0% published, so I minimized the page and left the room. When I came back it said there were errors again, but my post is there for all to see...Go Figure.

Frustrated Writer said...

hmm, i've had the error message as well but i've overcome it with a good dose of bourbon.

Jim said...

Maybe you need the 'password.'

I always highlight, then copy in HTML every post I make now before I try to post or save (draft) it.

If it won't go after that, I can try again without any typing except for the title.

If I go to sleep on the keyboard, I'll paste it in my word processor and go to bed.

I have other tips on getting my pictures on but will save that from you for another day.
Oh yes, I've copied this comment in case it won't go on.

happy and blue 2 said...

I think a lot of people are having trouble posting lately.
I on the other hand am having trouble leaving comments. I've given up on several blogs today..

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