Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hi There!

The trip to the oral surgeon this morning went as expected. She is surprised at the size of the last bone fragment that surfaced and is still in the dark about why these bone fragments are popping up now. If the trend continues, she will do the surgery to look at the jawbone. She just doesn't want to rush it, so if I am still having problems after two months she will schedule the surgery.

I had dinner out with the gang tonight. Good food and good friends is always fun. We will be going out on one of the couples boat for a sunset cruise on Friday night... wine, cheese, and a beautiful sunset. And I think the weather will be perfect!

Girls' Night Out is tomorrow night. Just a quick dinner at Steak N Shake because we will be hitting the opening of the new Kohls store in town. If it is too crazy, I will head to the mall to avoid the crowds.

So, I should be able to post again on Saturday if I don't post something tomorrow night. I sure hope that you all are having a great week!


Jim said...

'Girls Just Wan'a Have Fun.'
I'm glad you have nice friends for you to be with.

L said...

I can tell it was painful! Your eyes are all red and bugged out!


happy and blue 2 said...

My cousin had the same thing with his jaw. Before the two month wait was up he had 4 ribs pop out. We call him Floppy now.
I'm sure that won't happen to you though.
Well I hope not anyways. Who really knows what our bones are doing..

Rainypete said...

Enjoy your girl's night out and try to remember not to send your food back to the cook because of jawbone fragments that are actually yours.

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm glad to hear you are back to having a little fun.
The bone fragment problem is a real bummer.

Rachel said...

That sunset cruise sounds neat!! Hope you enjoyed the shopping too!!