Sunday, October 29, 2006


I am finally getting around to thinking about setting out the Halloween decorations. Actually, I have a lot of them in storage, but I do have a couple of things to put out... and I have purchased the obligatory bags of candy.

I have even had my first taste of candy corn for the season... probably also my last! I'm more a fan of Tootsie Roll Pops and Snickers. Normally, I would have the nut bowl out on the coffee table in the livingroom filled with nuts and nutcrackers handy. However, the livingroom is currently housing moving boxes and the coffee table is in storage.

While moving things to boxes and generally cleaning up around the house, I have been plotting and scheming. That trivia game is going to be fun! I will probably have more fun planning it than the kids will have playing, but I can live with that!

Unfortunately, my planned family post is going to have to be put off until after the holidays. I don't have pictures of some family members that I want to include. So, I will attempt to remedy that over Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the meantime, I will continue to select from the pictures that I do have the ones that I want to use. As with the trivia game, I am probably going to have more fun working on the post than you will have reading it and seeing the pictures. I can live with that as well!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I have already eaten one bag of tootsie rolls, tootsie pops and almond joys...all miniture varieties of course. I will have to get the Halloween kiddies some more. That's what happends when I buy too early.

Frustrated Writer said...

I thought I would be the fav of the block by giving out something fun this year instead of candy. Yup, gonna toss a cute little mouse into everyone's sack...