Saturday, October 07, 2006

Magic Sliders And Sunset Boating

I really slept soundly last night and slept in a bit this morning. I think that yesterday's activities were a good prelude to sound sleep.

I started my Friday by arriving a bit early to work. After following my usual morning routine for a bit, I decided it was time to try out the "Magic Sliders" I has purchased on Wednesday to move the heavy safe in my office. They really do work! One of the maintenance men was originally going to help, but as he was busy and I didn't want to wait, I did it myself. It was really quite easy. I just tipped the safe and cabinet it was sitting on just enough to scoot the sliders under each corner with my big toe. Then I proceeded to slide the unit across the rug to where I thought I wanted it to go. I was quite pleased with myself, and made sure that everyone came into my office to see MY handiwork. Of course, I am a bit sore today, but I won't admit that to anyone at work!

One of my coworkers, Captain Mike, and his wife invited another couple and me out on their boat last night. It was absolutely beautiful! We went out for the sunset, some wine and cheese, and some good company. As the sun was setting in the West, the full moon was rising in the East. We saw huge flocks of seabirds and small schools of fish jumping about of foot or so out of the water because they were being chased by some hungry bigger fish. The weather was absolutely perfect, too. It was pleasantly cool... I didn't even need a sweater!

What a day! What a night! Tomorrow, I will think of some other things that I can move with Magic Sliders. Tonight I will dream of magic boat rides.


happy and blue 2 said...

Those magic sliders are a great invention.
We use them in our neighborhood to drag the bums to other streets.Passed out drunk or awake. It just doesn't make any difference..

Jim said...

Well Rhodent, I'm surprised that you only moved that safe one time. Most [women] have to put things here, move to there, then over here quite a few times.
Or does it make a difference if you are the one doing your own moving?

Rachel said...

I had laminate flooring put down in the living room and now I can move my sofa with one hand! When it was carpet it was a huge pain! Amazing!

I'm glad you had fun on the boat ride!!

**SilvermOOn** GEL said...

That boat ride sounds heavenly!
I always wondered about those "magic sliders." Glad they really do work.

Rainypete said...

Do you think that if I stuck a bunch of magic sliders under my butt it would help me get going in the morning?

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