Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Quickie

You gotta be pretty quick to get something posted around here of late. The cable is still blinking on and off. The Road Runner repair person will be here Monday afternoon to hopefully fix the problem. It's a good thing, too, because I think I am beginning to twitch from the stress!

The weather has been wonderful around here of late. Fall is definitely here... Florida style. My son called me yesterday to let me know that he was lighting his first fire in his fireplace for the season. Obviously he does not live in Florida! Some of my neighbors have been in Toronto for a wedding and have had the pleasure of a few snowfalls while there. Personally, I love the snow... for a visit. I would be clueless about winterizing a home and driving in the cold, snow and ice.

I hope that you all are experiencing and enjoying some nice fall weather. Maybe this week I will start checking on prices for a replacement heater for the hot tub in the back yard. What would Christmas vacation be without some hot tub time!



happy and blue 2 said...

We have had snow here too. But it is all melted away.
Do you notice that in Florida it is a lot harder to ice skate outside in the winter..

Cliff Morrow said...

A hot tub. NOW yer talking. Nothing should make a tooth feel better than a glass of wine and some hot water.

Rainypete said...

So fall in florida is what exactly?

Temperatures fall below 75 finally...and the hurricanes end for another year?

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

The snow is really fun for about a week. Well, maybe not that long 2 -3 days. Then it gets old in a hurry. Spring and Fall those are my favorite seasons. Get the hot tub fixed.

brockbron said...

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