Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life Is Full Of Legos

I first discovered Legos when my oldest child was born. I fell in love with Legos of every size. I loved playing with them with my kids, and often without the kids. I loved the creative things they could do with them… like "“Frankenstein on roller skates"” who was their all-time favorite. One thing however, has always bothered me about Legos… Legos deal in right angles, and there are so many neat things with curves.

My life is kind of like that… while I seem to only have pieces to fill it that have right angles, I am constantly compelled to make things curve. How do I smooth out some of the harsh right angles and create some softer curves? I just can'’t seem to accept only straight lines and right angles in my life. It is frustrating, and I tend to be rebellious when confronted with "have tos" and "musts," the heavily trodden path, and other such straight lines. Having only straight lines inhibits creativity, yet life without any straight lines would also be unacceptable to me.

Isn't it better to throw a few curves into life so that there is always the possibility of surpises or serendipidous discoveries? I am a creature of habit and security... to a point. I am not one to constantly take chances... and yet when I do, I tend to do so in a big way.

How could I be open to God working in my life if I am only willing to accept straight lines where I can always see what lies ahead? Where is faith when things are always as expected. When the road curves and I cannot see what lies around the bend... that is when faith and trust come into play.

Somebody please find me some Legos with curves!


frustratedwriter said...

I've found you can curve them quite well with a candle, a butter knife and a pair of needle nose pliers.

As for life...hmm, I prefer to think of life as a series of squiggles versus the straight lines.

Paige said...

Astrid over at- http://supercalifajalisticexpialidocious.blogspot.com/

is going to start a New job at the Legos in the UK. maybe she can help make the suggestion for curves.

Greetings & hellos

Ron Southern said...

I was going to suggest you get a whittling knife, but frustratedwriter sounds like he has a better mouse trap!

Rachel said...

We have to look for that silver lining and be thankful in all things.

Sometimes it takes a lot of faith and trust!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I like straight lines. But curves in the road and in life do offer so great opportunties. Never tied them into legos until just now.

Cliff Morrow said...

Since I was a young man, I've believed that 'curves' were good.

Tropical Screamer said...

Love those Legos. I miss having them around. Maybe I'll ask for some for my birthday. ;)


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

How did you make all those little squares within your post?

I always liked legos and at one time they came free in something I bought because that is how I got so many extra ones for the kids.

Julie said...

Nice post, Rhodent. I agree completely. I would just add that Legos at least give you more flexibility than Lincoln Logs. Now THOSE things REALLY drive me crazy!

Julie said...

And speaking of Legos and God, have you seen this?