Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's Nice To Have Friends You Can Count On

My weekend was a good one as was my week. On Friday I took some time off from work to take Allison shopping for some clothes. We had a good time, even as brief as it was. Then I went to a St. Patrick's Day party and had a very fun time. The food was outstanding, too! ...Absolutely the best corned beef I have ever had! On Saturday afternoon I went in to work for a few hours. I got a lot done so that Monday should be a little less hectic. I went to Mass while I was there, and therefore I could sleep in a bit this morning.

So what made my week and weekend so good? During the week, I had great news from my son, Matt about his job interviews. I am so proud of that Kid! The party Friday night was a really fun time. My time with Allison was wonderful. I got a few things done around the house. I had some wonderful conversations with a friend that really lifted my spirits. I think that I am a very lucky lady to have kids who I can talk to and who listen, like friends... blogger friends who leave supportive comments... and friends who spend time in conversation with me...both in serious conversation and laughing.

Angels come in many forms. Sometimes, they come in the form of special friends.


Rainypete said...

Friends are the theraputic treatment that doctors are unable to prescribe, but work best.

Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a great week. Yep, friends are the best. You seem more cheery now and in better spirits! It's wonderful to have great kids that you can talk to as well.

Tropical Screamer said...

What a great photo. That's how I picture all of us on the Internet. All different. From different places. In different situations.

But friends.

Wishing you another great day.

Cliff Morrow said...

I didn't think I'd ever say it Rhodent but "nice picture". Normal animals, I love it.
Glad to see things are looking up.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That kitten is sure looking at the rhodent kinda funny.
Kidding aside...friends are very important and the friendship of your children is something to be cherished.

L said...

I had som eterrific corned beef too--- never liked it in the past, but it was YUMMY :)

frustratedwriter said...

the rhodent looks nervous to me. It looks like it is thinking, "how the heck did I get in this mess and how the heck do I bow out gracefully...and when will that kitten stop drooling on me?"

glad your week was a good one!