Friday, October 21, 2005

Still Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttccchhhing...

It is easy to get mesmerized or hypnotized while watching the weather right now. If you watch for more than a minute or so, you are watching the buzzsaw that is Wilma spin almost in place as it erases Cozumel and blasts Cancun. Unfortunately if you live on the West coast of Florida from the Tampa Bay Area south, it is necessary to keep up to date with the weather. To put it simply, this storm's path is still very uncertain after it finishes with the Yucatan.

People are evacuating from the Keys and some areas to the north. The roads have been clogged with tourists leaving for home or less stressful vacation spots. Fantasy Fest fans are still trying to figure out if they will be able to strut their stuff on Duval Street in a Fantasy Fest parade in Key West this year. "L" is languishing in utter despair at the thought that she may have to miss it this year.

I am still recovering from having to prepare for four storms last year. We actually ended up just leaving our windows boarded up for the last two storms. It gets to be ridiculous trying to put the boards up and take them down every time our area gets put on watch. As far as I am concerned, the boards that are up now can stay up until the end of this year's hurricane season which is November 30th!

So here I sit on a Friday night watching the weather while writing this post... trying very hard to avoid slipping into a hypnotic state. I am doing this even though I know that this storm is moving very slowly and probably will not head for Florida for a couple of days. The problem is that these storms typically do anything other than what is predicted. In this case, the National Hurricane Center has said that things could change quickly once the storm gets a weather system to move it. Wilma had already missed one trough and it could miss the next one. Once it gets that push it will move fast towards another landfall... and that could be anywhere in large portion of the west coast of Florida.

I guess anyone could use a bit of excitement in their life.

I'm Just Being Sensible

Happy and Blue 2 did a post on setting goals. He asked at the end of his post what goal his readers have set for their life. I set a goal to exercise regularly. I regularly set a goal to exercise. I don't like "organized" exercise. I don't like regular exercise. I don't like to exercise.

However, I do like to get out and do things that result is getting some exercise. Shouldn't that count? I mean I can do marathon shopping trips in the mall that require at least several miles of walking. I keep upper body strength by lifting items off of shelves, lifting clothes off of racks and holding them up to look at them, and I definitely get points for lifting weights when I carry all of those bags around the mall and then out of the mall to the car. And then I have to carry them into the house. And then there is grocery shopping. That is a lot of weight to carry in several trips from the car to the house and the a lot of bending and lifting to put everything away.

I could list some other things that I do that require some form of exercise. The point is that if I do these things, why is more necessary? You know "they" say that one should do everything in moderation! I'm just being sensible!


happyandblue2 said...

Hope the storm misses you and your family.
Don't forget eating the food burns calories and trying to squeeze into your new clothes after eating the food involves effort.
I think you are doing enough exercise..

Alisa said...

I definitely think that anyone who can battle the Mall is getting their exercise for the day!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you are definitely getting a workout!!

Ron Southern said...

/excuse my immoderate language, but Fuck Excitement. I want peace and quiet and a clear view.