Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rooting For The Bucs

Yesterday, I watched both of the teams I was rooting for lose... and the Florida Gators lost as well. Today, I am hoping that the Tampa Bay Bucs will not make it 3 for 3! After all, they are the professionals. I wouldn't say that I am an avid football fan, but I especially enjoy watching the Bucs... and this year they seem to be off to a good start (forget last week).

So, I will forget about what happened to Notre Dame, Florida State, and U of Florida yesterday, and I will root for the Bucs with expectations of a rousing win! I hope your teams win... unless they are playing the Bucs!


Cliff Morrow said...

My two favorite teams are Nebraska and who ever is playing Notre Dame.
Notre Dame? Man Rhodent, this is going to have an adverse affect on our realationship. Notre Dame, tch,tch.

Rhodent said...

I am well aware of the football star machine that exists in Nebraska! Given that Florida seems to be the same, I can understand your fervour for Nebraska. Think about how many years that Florida State, University of Florida,and University of Miami have been up there in the rankings. However, I have to tell you that working in a church with numerous Irish priests who are avid NOtre Dame fans, it is hard NOT to be a NOtre Dame fan!

So, as long as Nebraska is not playing one of MY favorite teams, I will root for them... those farm boys can sure play football!Must be the lifestyle. Since I have a family history of farmers on my mother's side, I would have to be a Nebraska fan as well.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Unlike Cliff I be here for you. Football to me is well, - it's about the food and having a sofa and blanket so I can take a nap with the football game as a bilut in excuse.

dbdoberman said...

I am an OSU alumni, so of course always root for the Buckeyes. Other than that, I really do not keep up on college football. I hope your team does well.

frustratedwriter said...

rhodent, you know I bleed burnt orange and scream "HOOK 'EM" when I can. I always root agains ND except for this last Saturday, when they let me down...sigh. Nebraska? Sheesh, I love the Big 12 but only root for Nebraska when they play Oklahoma.

College football fan to the max, and yes, Florida ruled the college ranks for so many years. They know how to do it out there!

Hope your Bucs have a good year. The Cowboys are setting me up for another disappointing year... I can just feel it.