Thursday, January 20, 2005

River Cat

I have two cats. One is 20 lbs of sleeping cat. His name is Scud. He is deaf, very sweet, not very bright (10 watts), and, if he is awake, very hungry. My other cat is a Siamese. His name is Koko. He is not normal. Most people would say that Siamese cats are a litttle different than your normal everyday cat. However, he is far more than a little different.

As a kitten he learned to enjoy being used as a bongo drum. If tossed across the room into a chair, he would coming running back to be thrown again... as often as the human participant was willing. Very often he would decide he was a parrot and jump up to sit on the shoulder of a usually very surpised human. Frequent tossing up in the air was considered routine. He did not sleep during the day because he did not want to miss anything. If an empty chair at the table was available, he would sit in it and enjoy the conversation. Anytime we went out of town in the car he would come with us. He has always loved to ride in the car.

Now, I know that all of the above is not that unusual. But Koko loves to go boating, canoing, and tubing on the river! As long as his feet don't get wet he is a happy camper and enjoys tagging along. People notice him and their reactions to seeing a cat in the bow of a canoe or on an inner tube always adds to my amusement of being on the river with a cat.

Koko is now going on 15 years old and the only signs of aging seem to be that (1) he can't leap quite as high, (2) he has taken to napping during the day, and (3) instead of trying to be human he has taken to trying to turn me into a cat so that I will nap with him.


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