Sunday, January 23, 2005

Piercings, Tattoos and Other Body Art

I just don't get it! It is some sort of a mental block. I wear eye makeup and lipstick. I have pierced ears. Somehow, my brain stops there. I am repulsed by tattoos, body piercings other than one or two ear piercings, excessive makeup, and brightly colored wild hair.

So, logically, I ask myself what the difference is between two ear piercings and three or four? Why is it acceptable to me to have pierced ears, but eyebrows, lips, noses, etc. are not? Why is it okay for me to dye my hair to cover the gray, but bright red or blue or green seems outlandish? I laugh at little old ladies who are "blue hairs" and older men who dye their hair. Why do I consider it okay for women to dye their hair, but I consider it silly or vain for men to do it? I think tattoos are ugly and dark Goth-style makeup ridiculous. Why?

Think about it. Different cultures all over the world have their own concept of beauty. What is it that determines our view of beauty and acceptable body art? I can remember when I was growing up thinking that my mothers red lipstick was downright ugly and garish. We wore more natural colors or, for awhile, very light pinks. I would never have thought red would be acceptable. Kind of like the avocado greens of the 70s that we loved for awhile and that we were sure would never come back because of how ugly it was. How could we ever have decorated our homes with that!

Tonight I ran in to a 19 year old guy that I hadn't seen in a year or so. He was sporting some new lip rings and was very excited by the tattoo that he was going to have finished this next week. I was distracted by the silver on his face, but I really like this kid! Do lip rings make him a different person? If I didn't know him already, I probably wouldn't have taken the time to get past the lip decor. I had to think about that.

I contemplated the reasons that people decorate themselves in ways that I would consider too much. Sometimes it is a right of passage from adolescent dependence on parents to a more independent adult status. Sometimes it is just for attention. Sometimes, however, I think that people do it because they actually like it! I think tattoos are ugly, but a lot of other people don't. Tattoos can be looked at as art. I just prefer mine on the wall. The art on my body is limited to some makeup, some jewelry, clothing and hair dye. So who am I to tell someone else what their view of beauty should be?

I still don't get it. I am a logical person. Why do I make these differentiations? I will try to get past this. I will use the style of body art that I am comfortable with on myself. I will try to not let outward appearances rob me of the opportunity to get to know some really great people. If I don't, I know that it will probably be my loss.

I wonder... will others who see my more conservative style label me and allow that to block them from an opportunity to get to know me? I hope not. But, to be realistic, there are lots of people of all types out there with their own style of mental block. At least I can work on my own.

Now for that mice are cute, rats are creepy mindset...


L said...

whoo-hoo! I'm your 100th visitor!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hi! *nice site*! I like your "cheesy critter" for a wholesome site, + I also pun w/ words so "RhoDent" is not "Greek" to me. Creative!I surfed over from Woody's place at the Cheesebee Chronicles.I completely relate to you in this post. I, too, have my ears pierced, but it took me until adulthood for that one. No tatoos, no other body piercing & it won't happen.

I feel I'm an open-minded person, too, but I do ponder the evolution of "fashions." Of course, being the mom of 2 teens means it rather comes with the territory. ;)

I like the philosophical bent to this post. I also think & question soooo much. Blogs are gr8 for that. :)

Please feel free to stop by my blog: Good Vibrations: It's an ecletic mix of thoughts, photography, original artwork, humor,& more. I'll be back! Take care- Green-Eyed Lady

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