Sunday, January 16, 2005

My First Anonymouse Entry

Ok. I'm new to the world of the blog, but I am having a great time exploring it! I have discovered some interesting things in this new world:

1) there are a lot of strange people out there that think they are interesting...some of them actually are

2) at least 1 of every 3 bloggers has a cat or a dog or a child pictured on their pages...many of the others have pictures, in some form, of themselves

3) blogs are far more global than I expected...wish I could read them all

4) there are a lot of blogs that I don't ever want to see again...why do people think I want to see naked pictures of anyone!

So far the first blog that I discovered is my favorite...of course the blogger is related to me, responsible for introducing me to blogging...and since I know her very well...I appreciate her humor far more than a stranger (when I figure out how to do it, I will provide a link)

I am looking forward to this new mirror of the world. I am also looking forward to stepping through the glass, like Alice, and becoming a part of it all.


L said...

nice first post :)

a tip to fix your template: when using ... make sure you put a space between it and the next word. That helps to prevent the sidebar from slipping down

also, I can show you some stuff Tuesday or Wednesday evening if you like...

Ron Southern said...

Welcome to the Time Warp!

Sonia said...

I just discover your blog! Welcome to the blogosphere! Regards, from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

Jim said...

Hi Rhodent. You have a nice blog. I am visiting because, well, I though maybe your name was Rhoda.

Now I see you have those little varmints on most of them. Do you ever run out?

I came to this page because it is your first page and I like see the development of new bloggers.

I too am starting to blog. I have wanted to for quite a while and some special people encouraged me, so I did.

My first blog was seven days ago. You are welcome to see my novice pages. I have some ideas, just need the days to see if they will work out. Jim

Jim said...

p.s. I wanted to be anonymous too but I got found out before I even started. By Cliff Morrow. Our mothers were friends before either of us were born.

Someday I will have an anonymous blog. I think I want one because I would like to be mean, goofie, and simple when I want.

Your posts I have read so far betray you as a nice caring person who wouldn't offend anyone. Jim