Monday, January 17, 2005

Pet Names Can Affect You For Life

I have been reminiscing about how I came to have a zillion mice and other rodents on my Christmas tree. As long as I can remember I have loved mice, hamsters, squirrels, and other rodent-like creatures... except rats. That is probably why I often use the word "rats" when I have done something stupid or lost at a game of cards. Rats are just creepy.

I think it all started because my father used to call me "Minicker Mouse" or for short just "Mouse" when I was little. Somehow that came to be related to "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" and I now have mice on my tree and around my home.

I know someone who was called "pumkin" and "peanut" when she was a girl and now she is a vegetarian. Someone else was called "Inspector Gadget" and he is now a computer engineer. "Absent-minded professor is now a mechanical engineer with a Masters degree in mechanical engineering and has an MBA and is still very absent-minded. "Princess" still thinks she is and combines that with her alter ego "Nature Girl". Nature Girl still is that.

I have a friend with a son she started calling "Doodlebug" shortly after he was born. I am glad that that name did not stick. Just think what could have happened!

So I guess that is why psychologists tell you not to call your children by demeaning names or call them "bad" because they may become what you call them. I always thought pet names were cute. Now I still think they are cute, but I am very discerning about what names I choose. You never know how a name will have an impact. Parents should be very careful.



L said...

hee hee hee!

L said...

I like the new template...

Ron Southern said...

But what if your parents had called you Sweet Rhonda Rat? Would you then be fond of that?

Rhodent said...

I guess so Ron. But as it stands now, i still think rats are creepy.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Love this post. M I C K E Y, M O U S E..........Well, my grandpa called me "monkey face"; I still swing from trees, but I'm not "bananas"...yet ;)

Hmm. Need to search 2C what you call L, that is printable hehe.