Saturday, August 19, 2006

This 'N That Again

Tonight I am watching the Buccaneers and the Dolphins play as I am packing boxes. I am thrilled to have the Bucs back to watch on TV! I do however, need to put a short post up so that my blogger friends know I am still alive.

I did make it through mediation on Thursday afternoon. The mediator was very professional and things went very smoothly for the first half of mediation. Then things got complicated with some petty little details. Rather than give you all of the details, I am going to post a few pictures that portray the various emotions and thoughts that occurred during the afternoon of negotiating...

So that was it. No particular order for the pictures... use your imagination for what they portray. I think that overall, things went well. It was not easy, but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Just hope you can avoid the pleasure.

Last night a friend and neighbor and her two children invited me over to their house to watch a movie. It was a "pajama party" as we were all dressed for bed. I slipped some shoes on and a bathrobe and headed down the street. We watched "failure To Launch" which was quite amusing. Terry Bradshaw was in it. He doesn't have to act. All he has to do is be his normal self. He was hilarious. He even had a nude seen. Sheesh! Anyway, we sipped some wine and laughed and then I trotted back home.

Tomorrow, the same neighbor and her kids and a next-door neighbor on the other side are coming over for a dip in the pool. We are serving frozen margaritas in plastic glasses so that we can stay cool as the pool water temperature is now 92 degrees. It is like bathwater!

It may be Tuesday or Wednesday before I get the chance to post again. Things will be hectic for the next couple of days and I need to finish up the many projects around the house so we can get the house put on the market. Since we are both stuck living here until the house sells, we are both anxious to get the house sold!


PBS said...

Sorry to hear about the difficult mediation. The pictures are sure cute though! I've seen "Failure To Launch" which was cute, also.

Jim said...

Well, I take it everything got done in one sitting. That in itself is a blessing.
I hope things went well for you (your side).
For the kids, why don't you guys have a little ice cream instead of those frozen margaritas in plastic glasses.

Rhodent said...

Jim... the "kids" are adults, and they just drank coke. The fish was super, as was the salad and desert. It was a great time, and the two neighbors that had never met really enjoyed each other. Success!

Cliff Morrow said...

Well Rhodent, I don't envy you this process but it sounds like it will work out. I hope that in a few years this will all be a faint, distant memory for you.
I liked the pictures. (except for the ones of mice)

Nyx said...

Cool pictures, a good one to get your story across.

Hope all went well and your recent social engagements sound so much fun, I wish I had neighbours like that.

Frustrated Writer said...

i want a naked room like Terry had in the movie... life would be so sweet.

Rachel said...

I'm glad it wasn't too bad. I loved all the mice pictures!

I laughed at what Cliff said! He obviously didn't like any of your pictures then!! LOL

The PJ party sounded like fun, and so does the pool!