Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things Are Still A Bit Fuzzy Today

I have not slept very soundly for the past two nights and am a bit groggy today. While sipping my first cup of tea, and then my second cup of tea, I began to ponder the concept of the morning person.

It seems that some people seem to sleep in a toaster and just "pop" up each day ready to go full speed ahead. I am not one of those people.

Or perhaps they get up sleepy-eyed and suddenly seem to have put their finger in some sort of electric socket and are then fully charged and set to meet their day. I am not one of those people either.

Some people start slowly, but once they have had their cup of morning brew they seem to be jumping up to meet their day.

Nope, I am definitely not one of them! No one has ever accused me of being hyper in the morning.

I am familiar with the snooze alarm. I require at least two cups of tea. I require a hot then cool shower. I need to spend a few minutes focusing. Then, I need a few more minutes of contemplation. I need to misplace something at least once each weekday morning which requires at least 10 minutes to locate before I can finish getting ready for my day. On the weekend I may spend some time in my pjs putzing around until I get going. I will say however, that once I get to work on a weekday, I am very productive. After work, if I am going out somewhere, I am usually raring to go. I am more of a night person, I guess. Is that really such a bad thing?

Time for another cup of tea.


Jim said...

Maybe those delicious Top Shelf Margaritas are doing you bad.
I'm with you about the 'not a morning person'. Coffee helps more than tea.
Two a.m. used to be a good bedtime for me but I need a nap now, before the Seinfeld reruns come on at 11:30.
Mrs. Jim was just the opposite when we married, she didn't ever use the snooze button. Now she snoozes as long as I will let her.

Cap'n Rich said...

Dear Rhodent,

I've been meaning to comment but you generally leave me speakless.

I do have a kind word to say about coffee. It is not only tastes good but I saw on the news that it's good for you. Yippee.

Imagine! Somethings good for us!

happy and blue 2 said...

Your sleep pattern sounds a lot like mine. I only really wake up for work or fun stuff, tee,hee..

Frustrated Writer said...

speaking for the toaster pop up and hit the ground running guys, I have to say there are days we envy the folks who understand the snooze button and can enjoy the extra few minutes of sleep. lucky stiffs...