Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This One Is For You, Cliff!

I am not particulary familiar with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but I know of a farmer in Nebraska who will have very mixed feelings about this photo. As I have said before, one of the things that I have a lot of fun with in blogging is finding pictures to add to my posts. I came across this one and couldn't resist pulling Cliff's chain a bit.


Jim said...

I love it too! I was born within six miles of Cliff's parents house back then. We went to the same high school at different times.
U of N is my alma mater, but after a year and a half with 14 hours of "C" grades or better I hung them up.

happyandblue2 said...

What's not to like, tee,hee..

Carol (Smiles and Laughter) said...

I do love all the pics you find.

Happy belated year!

Cliff Morrow said...

How do you spell sacreligious??
Well Rhodent, I'm honored to be mentioned in your blog, but you know there's only one kind of rhodent I like.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

GREAT - I repeat, GREAT post.

frustratedwriter said...

being a Texas fan, I love this post.