Thursday, January 05, 2006

Right Now It's All A Bit Overwhelming

It is currently sometime after 1:00 am. I went to bed before 10:00 pm, feeling tired. I almost dozed off once. I did not fall asleep... at all. Right now I am wide awake wishing that my eyelids could get heavy again. No such luck. So posting just seemed like a good thing to do. Even at this hour.

Being out sick for the end of December / beginning of January is bad news if you are responsible for quarterly and end of the year financial reports and end of the year payroll reporting. Yup, that's me. Today I went back into work for a bit and spent most of the time there (5 hours) just sorting through and and opening mail. And it's time to start printing the W-2s and 1099s. Whoopee! That makes me feel better.

Poor Rhodent was as sick as a dog
Though she sounded much more like a frog
She coughed and blew
And sneezed a lot, too
Her brain more resembled a bog

But she had those forms to complete
And the bills spilled all over her seat
W-2s to be done
Twas not to be fun
Just too may deadlines to meet

But Rhodent would not be dismayed
Over work that she could not evade
She relentlessly tore
Through those bills and much more
After all that is why she gets paid!

This week I need to accomplish a few things besides catching up at work. Somehow I don't think they will all get done. I need to rent a storage unit. I have a hair appointment (can't miss that!). My mother's birthday is Friday, and I will getting off work early to go to her favorite restaurant to celebrate with her. I need to set up attorney and financial advisor appointments. I haven't done laundry for a few days and the underwear drawer is starting to look like it needs to be replenished very soon! I neeeeed to read all of my favorite bloggers posts... daily. The cats feel that they are being shortchanged on their quota of TLC, and they don't put up with that for long. The Christmas tree still needs to come down and the ornaments and decorations put away. Add to the above the rest of the need to cook, eat, shower, sleep and "other stuff" and you can see why I am a bit overwhelmed. And it is already Thursday.

I may have put on a few pounds over the holidays... so it probably was helpful that I have been sick and not feeling much like eating. I won't say that my clothes are back to fitting the way they should. They are not, but I am working on it.

I fixed a fabulous chicken lemon soup for dinner tonight, and probably lunch and dinner tomorrow... perhaps another meal or two over the weekend. That is the problem when you make homemade chicken soup... there is so much of it. Maybe next time I should make Cornish game hen and lemon soup. That might work better. At any rate it tasted yummy, feels great when you are sick, is healthy eating, and is low in calories.

Since I have to get up for work later this morning, and it is now 1:50 am, I think that I will try again to get to sleep. There's always an infomercial or two available at this hour.


Cliff Morrow said...

Your problems are all of the type that won't 'go away' if you don't do them. I hope the weekend helps to fix your health and some of your backlog.

Rurality said...

Chicken lemon soup? Sounds good, are you going to post the recipe??? :)

Rachel said...

Chicken lemon soup.....doesn't sound too good to me but then I've never had it! Since you said it was yummy no doubt it is. Makes me thing of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where she was always making Lemon Chicken!

You'll get caught up and things will sort themselves out. Just take it one day at a time and don't sweat the small stuff. Just do what you have to do. I mean, if that tree is still up in March, so what? No big deal!

Jim said...

Good morning Rhodent. Of course you will read this in the evening. I'm retired, the whole world isn't.

And I'm sorry you couldn't sleep but the post is worth it too all of us.

The chicken lemon soup sounds good. See my blog today for an Oatmeal Scone recipe. With lemon curd, they are the best.

I'm going to send your poem, and maybe whole post, to my daughter, Karen. She had terrible crud her whole time off for New Years. Was sick in bed for a couple of days.

Last Item: Take some of the soup to your mother. That makes it gone faster and she will love it and you for your treat

portuguesa nova said...

Cornish game hen and lemon soup sounds soooooo good.

happyandblue2 said...

Hope you are healthy again soon. And you can get all caught up. Especially with the underwear washing part..

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

First of ll, I do hope you get feeling better soon. Secondly, could you get that chicken lemon soup recipe? It really does sound good.
Take Care of yourself.

PBS said...

That soup sounds really yummy, thanks for the recipe! Hope you feel better by now and have caught up on your sleep, too.

Anonymous said...

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