Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Blog First Lines

I am stealing this Idea from "The Peanut Queen's Lair"

What was the first line from your blog
the first day of each month
in 2005?

Jan 2005
(this was actually my very first post on January 16th)
Ok, I'm new to the world of the blog, but I am having a great time exploring it!

Feb 2005
This past weekend I decided to celebrate my daughter's birthday by doing exactly what I wanted to do.

March 2005
A dishwasher can be a dangerous place

April 2005
The vultures are circling.

May 2005
Each year I do the budget at work.

June 2005
I will be back at the keyboard either later tonight or tomorrow night with another post about the weekend... I promise!

July 2005
Well, it wasn't as easy to get up this morning as it was yesterday morning, but it was still easier than usual.

August 2005
I've often heard people talk about how fences keep people apart in the suburbs... neighbors become strangers.

Sept 2005
Tonight was another girls' night out so I am going to be lazy, lay back, put my feet up and not do much of a post tonight.

Oct 2005
Today was the day designated by the Roman Catholic Church as the feast of St. Francis of Assissi, the patron saint of animals and a man noted for his humility and compassion to the poor.

Nov 2005
Today was both a very frustrating and a very productive day for me.

Dec 2005
Things have been a bit up in the air of late, but I will be back soon!


Cliff Morrow said...

It was a short year wasn't it. I've read all of these. Keep em coming rhodent.

happyandblue2 said...

It's always interesting to look back on old posts. Can't wait for this years.
Well, actually I guess I can wait. You haven't written them yet..