Monday, May 02, 2005

I Am Rhodent! I Am Strong! Budgets Will Never Defeat Me!

The budget is complete for all practical purposes! Irish Pastor will be taking the day off tomorrow, so on Wednesday he will have it for his approval. I worked on finishing it up most of today and left a little after 5:30 PM. Whew!

This year was a bit more of a hassle because I am adding sub-accounts for this next year. It is more difficult to pull things together, but in the long run the budget process will become much easier. Our computer man is coming tomorrow morning to do some work on and add some upgrades to some of the staff's computers. I will snag him for a bit so he can get me started setting up the first few sub-accounts. He is the rep for the company that produces our software... it is designed specifically for schools and churches (at least our version is). Each year they come up with improvements to the software, and this past year adding the ability to have sub-accounts was added. Once I get all the budget figures into the accounts and sub-accounts, I will be able to produce all kinds of specialized reports. I know that you are just sitting on the edge of your seats with excited anticipation of this remarkable event!

Ah... but I got it done! My brain is aching from the strain, but I perservered! I am Rhodent, I am Strong, budgets will never defeat me, and I don't have to do it again until next year! YAY!


blue2go said...

Yay! The budget has been vanquished!

Rurality said...

I think I had the same feeling when I finally finished with our taxes... ahhhh, done!

Tracy said...

ick! I hate budgets! That's one reason I fled from the private sector, too much talk about $$!

frustratedwriter said...

In hell evil Satan declared it
"I'll burn them with a budget!
But he didn't know the rhodent
Who budgets are quite potent
Making him seem a demonic idiot!

Not great, I know, but I thought a limerick was in order to celebrate your victory. You go Rho!

dbdoberman said...

don't you love that feeling of satisfaction when you complete a goal? Congrats, Mighty Rhodent, now you can breath easy and relax.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...