Tuesday, May 24, 2005

He Got Me Again!

OK... This is now my official "I've been tagged AGAIN by DB" picture. I tried to come up with a new one, but decided that since tagging me is becoming a DB habit, I would just use this same picture each time... it just seems to fit.

This list is supposed to be...

10 things that I have never done before.

  1. I have never been snow skiing
  2. I have never flown an airplane
  3. I have never eaten an insect on purpose
  4. I have never been to Asia
  5. I have never visited my oldest son in Connecticut :o(
  6. I have never been to any of my own high school class reunions
  7. I have never been scuba diving
  8. I have never eaten uni
  9. I have never won the lottery
  10. I have never been on a cruise (but I will soon!)
This was a bit harder than I expected, but still fairly easy to do. I am also supposed to tag three bloggers to do the same. I Picked three different bloggers than I chose for the previous list, so that I could spread the joy!

Here are my three targets for this list...

"Gingeranium" of Rhyme or Reason

"Frustratedwriter" of Meandering musings muster madness

"L" of Random_Speak

Okay you three get going! Have fun. I will be watching for you to post your lists!


dbdoberman said...

I like that pic! I'm a contenda, lol

You never ate an insect on purpose? whew, that's a relief.

There's quite a few of those things I hope you someday get to do, they sound cool.

I only pick on you because you always follow through. You are very good about it. See how I reward you? hahahahahaha

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Gr8 pic!!!!
Ok, just rub it in about that cruise. ;)

*~*Michelle*~* said...

I have never been snow skiing or been to Asia (unless you count the area at Animal Kingdom, lol!)or been to any of my class reunions, but I have been scuba diving and on a cruise...and I am right there with you one the insect!

Beth Fish said...

What's uni?

jpr said...

Are those stuffed squirrels in that picture? If so, that is the freakiest taxidermy that I have ever seen.

Rhodent said...

Uni is a very yucky form of sushi that involve raw sea urchin eggs... the Japanese and my husband consider it a delicacy... I can't even watch someone eat it, and I do eat other moremundane forms of sushi!

Julie said...

Oh god, uni! I WISH I could list that as something I'd never eaten. My husband and I each gagged one down, oh, must've been a decade ago. I don't think I've ever eaten anything so gross. We eat a lot of sushi, by the way. Even our kids like it. But not, ugh, uni.

L said...

I'm exhausted... might do this tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! Somehow I missed this post, but caught up today! Interesting list!

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