Friday, March 11, 2005

Winged Observations

I will be listing bird observations by regions beginning with Minnesota as it is the shortest list and ending with Dunnellon, Florida since it is the longest list. Since I have recently acquired a digital camera, I hope to periodically post pictures of birds I observe.

Here we go!

REGION: Detroit Lakes area of Minnesota

  1. Yellow-headed Blackbird
  2. Commom Loon
  3. Grosbeak (Red Breasted)
  4. Canada Goose
  5. Snow Goose
  6. Cedar Waxwing
  7. Nuthatch (White-breated?)
  8. Black-Capped Chickadee
Also please note: Minnesota has the cutest chipmunks!

REGION: Pinellas County area of Florida ( we get a lot of birds passing through in the winter months in addition to the native year-round varieties)
  1. Robin
  2. Meadowlark (not seen as much these days due to development--used to be common)
  3. Red-Winged Blackbird
  4. Blue Jay
  5. Towhee
  6. Cardinal
  7. Mouring Dove (very dumb birds)
  8. Pidgeons (they're everywhere!)
  9. Mockingbird (VERY feisty birds-Florida State Bird)
  10. Blackbird (Brewers?)
  11. Mallard Duck
  12. Coot
  13. Muscovy Duck (yuk)
  14. Herons (see Dunnellon list)
  15. Wood Stork
  16. Sandhill Crane
  17. Screech Owl
  18. Roseate Spoonbill
  19. Seagulls (Herring, Laughing, others?)
  20. Bald Eagle
  21. Brown Pelican
  22. Least Tern (often referred to as a Skimmer in Florida)
  23. Sandpiper (several variesties)
  24. Osprey (on the increase since nesting sites have been set up for them on power poles)
  25. Sparrows (assorted)
  26. Wrens (assorted)
  27. Northern Flicker
  28. Ruby Throated Hummingbird
  29. Whipoorwill (actually never seen one, but have heard them a lot!)
  30. Common Grackle
  31. Brown Thrasher
  32. Yellow-crowned Night Heron - Just recently identified while kayaking in February in southern Pinellas County salt water-very cool bird and there were lots of them!

REGION: River and meadow--Dunnellon (Citrus County/Marion County) area of Florida

  1. Turkey Vulture
  2. Black Vulture
  3. Kingfisher
  4. Goldfinch
  5. Tufted Titmouse
  6. Carolina Chickadee
  7. Red Bellied Woodpecker
  8. Red Headed Woodpecker (have only seen once)
  9. Ibis (White)
  10. Coot
  11. Gallinule
  12. Limpkin
  13. Cattle Egret
  14. Snowy Egret
  15. Great Blue Heron
  16. Green Heron
  17. Great Egret
  18. Great White Heron
  19. Little Blue Heron
  20. Great Horned Owl
  21. Red Shouldered Hawk
  22. Mottled Duck
  23. Anhinga
  24. Cormorant
  25. Pileated Woodpecker (wow)
  26. Crow
  27. Bullocks Oriole (should not have been there, we think he was lost!)
  28. Bittern (American)
  29. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  30. Kite (unsure of variety- Everglades or Swallowtailed)
  31. Wild Turkey
  32. Quail (Bobwhite)
  33. Florida Scrub Jay (only seen once)


Ron Southern said...

Thanks! Looks good at a glance. I copied it so that I can study it more later. You have some good ones, some that I have seen, some that I've only seen in books.

bridgesitter said...

Detroit Lakes Minnesota? Ya fur sure you betcha. I have just moved from there. It's beautiful. I lived on the Ottertail river. I think you should classify the wood tick as a winged creature too. It seems when you pluck them out, eeeck!! they fly off and you spend hours trying to see where they landed!