Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Few More I Couldn't Resist

So the fish said made up a new song
Her readers could all sing along
Her shirt wouldn't fit
So she used her fine wit
And stretched it until it was long


Frally's mood is much better today
DS didn't need boobs while away
His memory's short
Nursing's no longer his sport
Though uneven she did get her way


Carmi's surely the expert they say
On wiping bad spiders away
Their fears he allayed
Then led the parade
He flushed, they returned to their play


Just My Junk is new to my links
She reads to those cute little finks
One brat made her mad
His comment was bad
She wonders what his mom really thinks


DB has a wonderful post
It's the one he has done I like most
It's a joke, that is true
But to me it was new
So good, he should actually boast


The Ron Rat is never a bore
His blog is one I adore
Though he's known to be rude
I now must allude
To his stories, I can't wait for more!


happyandblue2 said...

The limericks in these two posts are great. The one about me is the best of course..

Woody said...

Oh what a blog has Rhodent
a limricking today she went
then commented Woody
upon her blog goodly
time making up rhymes is well spent!

blue2go said...

Cute rhymes, and funny too!

Ron Southern said...

I'm sorry I couldn't promptly write you a hightone Hallmark Card, but I was busy somewhere the past few days being rude.

Adrienne said...

Whew! I thought I'd never be able to leave a comment. It's a little slow today.

anyhoo...Thanks for the link and I've linked back to you!

I would have made it rhyme but that talent is not mine.