Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blogger Limericks

Below are a few limericks about some of the posts recently done by some of the bloggers that I have on my favorite link list. I was just in one of those moods for a little bit of rhyme time. Check out the blogs to see which limerick refers to which post!


Do appreciate the cheese or do not
The UN he has put on the spot
The laptops in view
Show something in lieu
Of the usual diplomat's rot


Cliff Morrow knows how to eat corn
He probably knew how when born
In Denver they blew it
And Cliff wouldn't chew it
How could they treat corn with such scorn?


Poor Frally's a little depressed
DD's ears have now been assessed
When the surgery's done
And the pain's status is none
Frally's mood will then be the best


Stacy was in a great rage
Her hubby she wanted to cage
He called on the phone
When she wasn't alone
Her anger he couldn't assuage


Happy and blue is not fickle
But one day he was found in a pickle
The town could not relish
The idea was too hellish
And the festival made not a nickel!


With the family away before fall
Woody decided to redo the hall
Pudge wouldn't choose
The tile to use
For his naps or for chasing a ball


At her window young Carol's sweet hunk
Asked Carol to forsake her bunk
They took a fun ride
With her friend at her side
And sublet her fine room to a skunk


Rurality has a fun dog
Jasmine's known to have lugged a thin log
On the back of the knees
She smacks, if you please
Her owner's while out for their jog


Two Tooth and Weasel came by
And looked Frustrated right in the eye
"Your blog's full of drivel,
Why are you so civil?
There's so much gone wrong to decry!"


Ralph got up this morning before five
Thoughts of friends began to arrive
He had naught to do
Cliff had bid him adieu
Kitchen tables always let daydreams thrive


A mouse in the house who was wild
Had Marty and kin a bit riled
The trap wouldn't trip
When the mouse took a grip
Of the cheese, and then he just smiled



Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Absolutely excellent!!! ;)

You are GOOD! :)

L said...

your limericks are ever so much better than mine :)

Carmi said...

These so rock! Thanks for sharing...we all needed the smile right about now.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

If there is a word better than excellent I don't know what it is. This is excellent, just excellent. THANK YOU.

frustratedwriter said...

Rhodent you made my day,
By sending limericks my way.
I suck so at rhyming
With no sense of timing
But in blogging that's okay.

Thanks for the limerick! It was great! I'm wondering if you ever read any of Isaac Asimov's limericks?

Cliff Morrow said...

Ya know Rhodent, you are good. I've tried to write limericks but just can't seem to get even one out. Keep up the good work. One of my Brothers is a Cowboy Poet and he did write one.
My cat tried crossing the road,
Being slow, was smashed like a toad,
He lay there for days,
In the traffic and gazed.
But now flies like a frizbee if throwed.

dbdoberman said...

this was funny stuff! you have a real talent, I can't write a limerick to save my life. I know a few of these bloggers, and that makes it even more enjoyable.

Rurality said...

OMG these are hilarious! You are too funny. The limerick queen!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Very enjoyable! :)